Personal or Employee Action Plan for Success


Personal and employee action plan: How do I know a goal setting program is worth my time? Use our Goal Setting For Success tool for aspiring leaders and discover how the goal planning procress will benefit you.

"Creating a plan of action is the first step toward taking action.”

In the following information, you'll identify why creating a goal setting plan is so important and just what's in it for you.

"No man or woman of the humblest sort can really be strong, gentle, pure, and good, without the world being better for it."- Phillips Brooks

To fully understand the benefits of adopting a specific personal or employee action plan, one must make an honest attempt to see the consequences of doing without a plan.

First, consider a few of the possible benefits of goal planning. Perhaps you will relate to some of these as you identify your goals in each of your life categories.

Financial Category:

  • To experience financial independence
  • To be free from the burden of debt
  • To be able to teach your children to experience the same
  • To be slave to no one
  • To afford to travel and experience all that the world has to offer

Relationships Category: (Friends and Family)

  • To feel unconditional love and acceptance, and experience the joy of giving it back
  • To experience support and personal growth though our associations with others
  • To share in great memories with our loved ones

Spiritual Category:

  • To feel at one with your Creator
  • To know acceptance and forgiveness
  • To be welcomed into heaven at life's end

Emotional Category:

  • To feel strong and confident in ones self
  • To avoid anxiety, worry, panic or depression
  • To experience deeper levels of joy and personal self-worth

Career Category:

  • To use an employee action plan to ensure my future success
  • To make my life purpose, my work - and my work, my life purpose
  • To guide others to experience greater things in their life
  • To continually grow and prosper

If you have huge dreams, as most people do, then it should be clear to you at this point that having a personal or employee action plan carries countless benefits to you, and to those around you.

Do you feel that you possess a strong desire to turn your dreams into reality, but you currently have no clear step-by-step system for how to achieve your ultimate goals and desires?

If so, then you have everything to gain - and everything to lose, if you do not adopt a personal or employee action plan process for your life.

Success Lesson #18: How Do You Stand With Yourself?

"No man can be cheated out of an honorable career in life unless he cheats himself."
- Emerson

Even though a person may possess millions of dollars, if he doesn't stand well with himself, if he has lost his self-respect, his honor and integrity, in the process of making his fortune, he is a failure.

If self-respect is lost, he has cheated himself out of an honorable career and a fulfilling life experience.

"No man or woman can get around that little 'God-like' voice within us that says 'Right!' to the right acts, and 'Wrong!' to the wrong acts."

You can withstand all sorts of disappointments that come your way, even after you have done your level best, but disappointment with yourself for not trying hard enough, not giving what you were capable of giving - this can eat away at you all your life.

Many men who are popular in public and looked up to with great admiration and regard, have not the slightest respect for himself because he is conscious that he is not living the life he should, the life most people think he is living.

Whatever your position in life, you will always have to live with yourself, and it is in your best interest to see that you are in good company with yourself. This is why building a personal or employee action plan that is based on strong moral values is so important to your future success.

After you have done your best, you can look on, serenely poised, even in the midst of failure and disaster. But disappointment with your self, the loss of self-respect, can be a fatal obstacle to real success and happiness.

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"Do not waste your vitality in hating your life; find something in it which is worth liking and enjoying, while you keep steadily at work to make it what you desire."

- Ella Wheeler Wilcox

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