Goal Setting Technique and Tips For Success


Our goal setting technique helps you to prioritize your goals. In the following goal setting information, you'll learn how to determine which life goals to work on first.

"Goals are necessary to motivate us and keep us living!”

If you are like most people on the planet, you allow the most important things in your life to get shoved aside so that the various urgent matters of the day can be addressed.

For example, you answer the telephone and allow the telemarketer to take up 10 minutes of your time because you can't bring yourself to hang up on him or use a firm voice to end the call.

"Rather than us running your life, is your life running you ragged and into a downward spiral?"

You agree to taxi your kids all day so that they can participate in five different extracurricular activities. You do this because the neighbors are doing it for their kids and you don't want your children to suffer from being left out of all the fun.

The things we allow to take up our time, that are never scheduled, that just happen, are countless.

In order for you to prioritize your goals, you must become the master of your time. It will take focusing how you spend your time in order for you to achieve your goals. So next time you get a sales call at home, realize that the person is intruding on your ability to live a more quality life, and don't apologize for letting them know it.

When prioritizing goals, use our "Big Rock" goal setting technique.

Think of each goal in terms of the weight it carries in your life. In other words, does the goal represent a big rock, carrying a lot of weight, that if achieved would make a tremendously positive impact on your life?

Or, would the goal represent a smaller rock or pebble in terms of it's ability to impact your life?

Lastly, would your goal more adequately represent a grain of sand in terms of impact on your life?

While each goal may represent a positive move upward in your life, you must understand that the smaller the impact of the rock/goal on your life, the less of a priority it should be.


In doing so, you'll be amazed at how many of the smaller rocks/pebbles/sand still get done along the way, or simply vanish from being so unimportant in the first place. The big rocks are the ones that count!

In section 2.1 you identified your goals in your various life categories. Go back to those lists now and prioritize your goals based on the Big Rock goal setting technique.

Success Lesson #5: Swim In The Deepest Waters

"Progress has little to do with speed, but much to do with direction."
- Unknown

Before water generates steam, it must register two hundred and twelve degrees of heat. Two hundred degrees will not do it; two hundred and ten degrees will not do it. Lukewarm water will only stagnate and deteriorate in quality.

Too many people are trying to heat up their lives with only lukewarm water. They never do what is necessary to turn up the heat to the point that their lives are boiling over with joy and excitement.

"There is great power in holding to a firm resolution; possessing an iron will, strong persistence and tenacity."

The person with a vigorous purpose is a positive, constructive, creative force. Anyone can simply wish for a thing, or desire it; but only strong, motivated minds possessing a great purpose can achieve greatness.

Persistence and determination, as part of your goal setting technique, are the things that will ensure your success over time, no matter what the barriers are that you will face along the way.

How do you approach a difficulty? Do you hesitate before it, dread it, and postpone dealing with it? Are you fearful? Do you finally address the difficulty with an apologetic, doubtful, "will do it if I can," or "will try" attitude? What kind of goal setting technique is that anyway? Not one very useful to be sure.

Or, do you approach difficult situations with an unflinching determination and with a self-certainty that you can effectively handle most anything you are faced with?

The thing that will make your life distinctive is your ability to pursue the goals that you are passionate about.

Believe in yourself and in your ability to overcome obstacles, because there will surely be some formidable goal setting challenges that you will need to face along the way as you reach for success.

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"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."

- C.S. Lewis

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