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Business plan write up instructions are provided as part of our business planning course for aspiring leaders. In the following information, you'll learn the importance of The Company Description section of a business plan.

"Business is only limited by the vision of its leaders.”

The Company Description is a high-level view of your organization; how all the different departments work together effectively to produce a quality product.

"A clear vision improves employee confidence and supports an optimistic attitude."

Since this section is an overview, not all of the details are necessary. However, enough details do need to be included in this section of your business plan in order for any key remarks to be supported as fact.

As in any section of the business plan write up, place yourself in the chair of the person who is going to be reviewing your business plan. Be prepared to answer any key questions that might come up related to the company description.

Important information in this section will include how the organization works together to minimize cost and ensure maximum output of a quality product.

Some key questions you should expect to answer in the Company Description section include:

  • Briefly describe when, how and why the company was formed, and where it currently is in its development.
  • List any short term (less than one year) and long term (12 months or more) goals of the organization.
  • Provide information on any major successes the company has achieved to date. Include information to explain difficulties that were encountered and how those challenges were addressed and eventually overcome.
  • Describe how the organization was originally funded and how it has maintained it’s working capital since it began.
  • Detail any major change in structure, ownership, management or other key personnel that has occurred within the past 12 months.

As you prepare this section it's important to think about your overall vision for the business, and describe it in detail. Remember, what may seem obvious to you may be invisible to others, so do not make any assumptions when creating your business plan. Assume the reader doesn't know anything about your business.

Business Lesson Plan #4 / Why Rise To A Higher Standard?

"He who has a perfectly balanced mind will naturally express in his life the principles of the Golden Rule."
- O.S. Marden

The business plan write up is all about educating a prospective investor. Even more importantly, the process goes a long way toward helping to better educate the owners and key employees of the organization.

The great objective of education is to raise men and women to a higher power; a higher understanding of their business and life in general.

"Excellent leaders create, articulate, passionately own and relentlessly drive their vision to completion."

As a person elevates himself through higher education, he begins to see that others are not there merely for his use, but that the highest good for everyone involved comes from mutual self-development and a shared sense of purpose.

The only real success worthy of the title is that which comes from a person who sets out daily and forever to grow; obtains a deeper knowledge; improves morally and spiritually; and then does all he can to share with others what he’s learned.

So fortunate are the few who are trained from early childhood to see the beauty in all things; to assume the good versus the bad, and to believe things are possible rather than to instinctively stifle new ideas.

The fine art of living is for each of us to seek our fullest development.

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"Effective leaders help others to understand the necessity of change and to accept a common vision of the desired outcome."

- John Kotter

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