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Our free customer service training tools and resources provide insightful ideas for training employees to delivery higher quality customer service in your organization.

Customer service is not only a critical skill that you must continue to fine-tune and develop - it is also a personal choice that every employee makes every time they come into contact with a patron.

Every day when an employee walks into their workplace, they either knowingly, or unknowingly, choose how they will conduct themselves throughout the day.

It's of paramount importance that your employees know what you expect. They must know that you expect them to arrive to work on time; to leave at home any negative moods or other unpleasant or distractive personal issues.

Employees must understand that you expect them to consciously choose to pro-actively help all persons in a professional manner.

Our free customer service training advice consists of key points on customer service that leaders should continually coach their employees on.

The following key points are critical to the delivery of quality customer service:

  1. Listen! - stop talking long enough to hear what your customer is asking for.
  2. Be Sincere - if you don't care, or simply aren't engaged in what you are doing - go find happiness elsewhere. Life's too short to waste time doing something you don't enjoy. And it's selfish to make others pay for your lack of initiative.
  3. Introduce Yourself Properly - a courteous introduction paves the way to a quality interaction and memorable customer experience.
  4. Use The Customers Name In Conversation - get to know your customers by name to build rapport and leverage customer loyalty.
  5. Smile! - no one can look or sound cranky if they have a smile on their face. Try it, it's impossible to do. Observe your employees and see them as your customers see them. Are they smiling?
  6. Use Good Manners (I.e., Please, thank you, you're welcome, etc.) - good manners reflects well on the individual and the organization. Common pleasantries are becoming more and more refreshing to customers looking for a quality customer experience.
  7. Be Prompt - being on time shows that you are respectful of others time. In addition, being prompt sends the message to others that you expect them to be on time, which leads to higher efficiencies and increased production.
  8. Follow Up - to follow through on your commitments, and to inspect that employees are meeting your expectations, holds everyone to a higher accountability. Your credibility is determined on how consistently you follow up.
  9. DO MORE Than Keep Your Promise - great managers make a habit of over delivering. Always plan to surprise your customer and your employees by giving them a little more than they expect. Nothing builds customer loyalty faster and deeper than consistently over-delivering on your service promise.
  10. Never Take The Customer For Granted - the Customer Is In Charge! You work for them, or you'll be out of business. Never lose sight of who your customer is and what they are experiencing each time they conduct a transaction with your organization.

The many benefits you will receive from this type of free customer service training practices include:

  • Customers will remain loyal and they will refer their friends!
  • Employees will take pride in their organization and in themselves.
  • The organization will grow in its reputation, as well as its profits.
  • Stakeholders (Owners & Shareholders) will realize greater returns on their investment.
  • The Industry will take notice of your company's success. You will raise the bar for service delivery for the entire industry.

Take full advantage of our free customer service training advice and execute these key strategies within your organization for optimal results.

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Every customer Service article provides insight on customer service training and customer retention practices. Identify an effective customer service tip that works! Access service ideas that can help to develop new business and retain existing business relationships. Download our free customer service tools to improve customer satisfaction scores and increase customer loyalty.

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