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”Success seems to be connected with action.
Successful people keep moving and they try new things often.
They make mistakes, but they don’t quit.”

- Conrad Hilton, Hilton Hotels

Quick Glance Index of Past Newsletters

November, 2010 – Next Step Leadership

  • Lessons in Leadership - How To Improve Your Life One Step At A Time
  • New Tools, Resources & Ideas - Pre-Launch Sponsorship Award

September, 2010 – Self Leadership

  • Lessons in Leadership - Self Leadership In An Uncertain World
  • New Tools, Resources & Ideas - A True Test Of Leadership

July, 2010 – Meet Leadership GIANTS!

  • Lessons in Leadership - Meet Leadership GIANTS! - Break Away From The Rest Learn From The Best
  • New Tools, Resources & Ideas - Brian Tracy - No Excuses... and How I Met Orison Swett Marden

March, 2010 – World-Class Training to Energize Your Meetings

  • Lessons in Leadership - Leadership Speakers for Hire - Zero Cost
  • New Tools, Resources & Ideas - More Free Leadership Issues Training

February, 2010 – Making Time For Leadership

  • Lessons in Leadership - Making Time For Leadership - Continued Learning Is Key!
  • New Tools, Resources & Ideas - Make Time To Learn & Grow

April, 2009 – Leadership Game Tool - Leadership for 500!

  • Lessons in Leadership - Adding Fun to the Workplace
  • New Tools, Resources & Ideas - Jeopardy Game Tool

March, 2009 – Project Management - Leaders Achieving Results

  • Lessons in Leadership - Project Management - Drive Quality Results
  • New Tools, Resources & Ideas - NEW - Project Management Tool!

February, 2009 – Crisis Leadership

  • Lessons in Leadership - Leadership In Times Of Crisis
  • New Tools, Resources & Ideas - Wanted: Leaders!

January, 2009 – Coach Your Team

  • Lessons in Leadership - Coach Your Team - Objections Are NEVER a "No!"
  • New Tools, Resources & Ideas - Objections Workshop

December, 2008 – Leadership Rewards Are In Great Supply

  • Lessons in Leadership - Leadership Rewards - True Rewards Still Abound!
  • New Tools, Resources & Ideas - More Tools You Can Use

April, 2008 – We're Back! - Time To Catch Up

  • Lessons in Leadership - We Stepped Back, In Order to Move Forward
  • New Tools, Resources & Ideas - More Tools You Can Use

February, 2007 – Planning Leadership Development

  • Lessons in Leadership - Planning Leadership Development - Nature vs. Nurture
  • Meeting for Results - Planning for Personal Development

January, 2007 – The Leadership Commitment

  • Lessons in Leadership - The Leadership Commitment - Commit vs. Comply
  • Meeting for Results - Coaching for Commitment

December, 2006 – Discover The Secret

  • Lessons in Leadership - Discover The Secret - The Law of Attraction
  • Meeting for Results - A Secret No More!

November, 2006 – Leadership Success

  • Lessons in Leadership - Leadership Success - Great Effort = Great Results
  • Meeting for Results - NEW SITE! NEW PRODUCT! YOUR OPINION? A Leadership Series For Successful Living!

October, 2006 – Great Expectations - Paving The Way For Great Results

  • Lessons in Leadership - Great Expectations - Paving The Way For Great Results
  • Meeting for Results - What Stops You? - special Offer

July, 2006 – Financial Independence Is A Realistic Goal Using SBI!

  • Lessons in Leadership - Gaining Your Independence - Is A Realistic Goal Using SBI
  • Meeting for Results - Name Your Dream, and Claim Your Right to Pursue it!

May, 2006 – 101 Great Ways To Improvie Your Life

  • Lessons in Leadership - 101 Great Ways To Improvie Your Life
  • Meeting for Results - Puzzled About Your Next Step?

April, 2006 – Attention to Detail

  • Lessons in Leadership - Thoroughness For Success
  • Meeting for Results - Good To Great Exercise

March, 2006 – Business Planning Article - Power In Planning!

  • Lessons in Leadership - Business Planning Article - Power In Planning
  • Meeting for Results - New Tool! Business Planning Toolkit
  • Juice Bar - Accept Your Right To Win

February, 2006 – Personal Value Management - Learn, Lead & Succeed!

  • Lessons in Leadership - Personal Value Management Learn, Lead & Succeed
  • Meeting for Results - New Tool! Leadership Coaching Course
  • Juice Bar - Special Prize - Determine It's Value

January, 2006 – Leadership Goal Setting - Lead to Succeed!

  • Lessons in Leadership - Leadership Goal Setting Lead to Succeed in 2006!
  • Meeting for Results - Ordinary People CAN Achieve Their Lofty Goals
  • Juice Bar - Buy A Ticket! Set Goals to Succeed and Confront Leadership Issues

December, 2005 – Taking Personal Ownership

  • Lessons in Leadership - Taking Personal Ownership Leading A Happier Life
  • Meeting for Results - Two New Leadership Issues Tools - Team Building At Work & Business Letter Writing Templates
  • Juice Bar - Own Your Past & Present; Lead Your Future

November, 2005 – The Serving Leader

  • Lessons in Leadership - Becoming A Serving Leader Chosen By Those Who Follow
  • Meeting for Results - The Ultimate SERVICE Station Exercise
  • Juice Bar - Graduate to Serve

October, 2005 – Leadership Issues At Work - The Promise of Hard Work

  • Lessons in Leadership - Leadership At Work The Promise of Hard Work
  • Meeting for Results - Free Tool Why People Fail?
  • Juice Bar - Leaders In Profile - Never Too Late to BEGIN

September, 2005 – Habitual Leadership - Proven Success Habits

  • Lessons in Leadership - Habitual Leadership Proven Success Habits for Great Leadership
  • Meeting for Results - Systematic Leadership Life Management in Process
  • Juice Bar - The Habit - Your Greatest Friend or Foe

August, 2005 – Leadership In Process - Leading A Team of Leaders

  • Lessons in Leadership - Leadership In Process
  • Meeting for Results - Leadership Teams for Extraordinary Results
  • Juice Bar - The Process of Thinking

June, 2005 – Leading Employee Retention - A Measure of Leadership Success

  • Lessons in Leadership - Leading Employee Retention - A Measure of Leadership Success
  • Meeting for Results - Employee Exit Survey - Free Tool!
  • Juice Bar - Three Necessary Things For Success

April, 2005 – Succession Planning

  • Lessons in Leadership - Succession Planning - Looking To The Future
  • Meeting for Results - Succession Planning Free Tool!
  • Juice Bar - Effective Succession Planning For The Future - Book Review

March, 2005 – Creative Leadership

  • Lessons in Leadership - Leading Outside The Box Five Ways of Changing Your Approach to Problem Resolution of Leadership Issues
  • Meeting for Results - Creative in the Workplace Five Effective Tips
  • Juice Bar - Creative Thinking -Thinking For A Change Book Review

February, 2005 – Leadership Success

  • Lessons in Leadership - Six Keys to Leadership Success
  • Meeting for Results - What's Missing in Leadership? Quickly get to the heart of any HR and leadership issues
  • Juice Bar - "Pushing To The Front" - It's a HIT! Feedback and Link to Download Pushing To The Front

January, 2005 – Pushing Forward In A New Year

  • Lessons in Leadership - Pushing Forward In A New Year Full Steam Ahead in 2005!
  • Meeting for Results - Our Open Door Policy Links to BLOG covering leadership issues, Site Map and explanation on Whitelisting.
  • Juice Bar - Our On-Line Heroes! Aspiring new business owners, apply now..

November, 2004 – Leading Full Circle

  • Lessons in Leadership - Leading Full Circle Introduction to the Life Balance Wheel.
  • Meeting for Results - Manage Leadership Issues For A More Fulfilling Life. Life Balance exercise - free self-analysis tool.
  • Juice Bar - Fulfillment in Gratitude. Poem on Gratitude and Thanksgiving.

September, 2004 – Rising Up To Lead

  • Lessons in Leadership - Rising Up To Lead Discover your natural instincts to learn, grow, achieve and WIN!
  • Meeting for Results - Management Development - Needs Analysis Get a Free tool to identify leadership issues and training needs of your team/organization.
  • Juice Bar - Rising To The Occasion! Various excerpts and quotes on choosing to be a positive force in the world.

August, 2004 – Determined To Lead

  • Lessons in Leadership - Determined To Lead Determination-Nerve-Grit: The importance of exercising our "iron will".
  • Meeting for Results - Determined To Accomplish Gaining commitment by asking a new question.
  • Juice Bar - Determined To Grow! Self-improvement in our spare moments.

July, 2004 – Leadership In Self-Help

  • Lessons in Leadership - Leadership In Self-Help Decide Fully - Decide Finally! Leave behind the easy excuses that hold you back.
  • Meeting for Results - Leadership In Focus! Get best results when you focus your effort and ask a better question.
  • Juice Bar - Inspirations For Self-Help Excerpts from "Getting On" by O.S. Marden.

June, 2004 – Leadership Ecards Online

  • Lessons in Leadership - The Power of Suggestions Understanding the power that your words can have on others. Minimize leadership issues when you reward and recognize regularly.
  • Meeting for Results - Free Ecards Available Online Now!Recognize your employees and peers today.
  • Juice Bar - Getting What You Want Nothing is impossible to the person who can will it.

May, 2004 – Leadership In Goal Setting

  • Lessons in Leadership - Setting Goals For Personal Growth! Six steps for setting goals.
  • Meeting for Results - Creating Your Personal M.A.P. (Master Action Plan)!Introducing our free M.A.P. tool.
  • Juice Bar - Six Servants For Success High-leverage questions to stay focused on results.

April, 2004 – Leading Up To The Front

  • Lessons in Leadership - Don't Get Down - Manage UP! How to influence and support a supervisor who lacks skills that are causing leadership issues in the workplace.
  • Meeting for Results - The Leadership Challenge - 10 Key Questions!How accurately will your employees reflect your leadership.Introducing our free 10 Key Questions tool.
  • Juice Bar - The Optimist Creed - By Christian D. Larson (1912) Promise yourself these things.

March, 2004 – Leadership In Financial Fitness

  • Lessons in Leadership - Give Yourself A Raise - Today! Making the most out a Taxing situation.
  • Meeting for Results - Exercise For Financial Fitness!Introducing our NetWorth/Wealth Ratio free tool.
  • Juice Bar - Purpose = Motivation Understanding what questions to ask is the key to staying on track and living life to the fullest.

February, 2004 – Living Where It Makes A Difference

  • Lessons in Leadership - Leadership In The Zone Identifying high-leverage activities to maximize your intended results.
  • Meeting for Results - Magic In The Zone! Lead your team through the zone exercise. Manage your team to live in the zone to tackle the most important leadership issues.
  • Juice Bar - Maintaining A Balanced Approach Understand how to be successful in life's most inportant balancing act.

January, 2004 – Overcoming Obstacles With Stern Resolve in 2004

  • Lessons in Leadership - Being Resolute in Goal Setting Learn from our goal setting quick start process. Making it as easy as 1,2,3.
  • Meeting for Results - Investing In Yourself Benefits Everyone Take our free leadership assessment. Invest your time addressing your key leadership issues.
  • Juice Bar - A New Year For Achievement! What is the word "resolution"? Starting the year off right with the poem, "A New Year".

December, 2003 – Hear Ye! Hear Ye! These are "The Big Three"

  • Lessons in Leadership - The Big Three Leadership, Teamwork and Customer Service – the perfect long term strategy for success.
  • Meeting for Results - A Leader’s Notes – This Is Who We Are. Outline for Leader’s presentation on the commitment to Leadership, Teamwork and Customer Service.
  • Juice Bar - Living in "The Dash" Poem entitled, The Dash.

November, 2003 – Leadership - "Clicking" It Into Gear

  • Lessons in Leadership - Leadership In Perspective "Clicking it" into gear for maximum results.
  • Meeting for Results - "Click" To Overcome Obstacles Click clinic exercise
  • Juice Bar - Gratitude Determines Attitude Poem on Gratitude and Thanksgiving.

October, 2003 – Fair and Balanced Leadership

  • Lessons in Leadership - Fair and Balanced Leadership Taking time to plan your life, not just your day. Wheel of success.
  • Meeting for Results - Special Rewards and Recognition Tool Free "My Favorite Things" tool!
  • Juice Bar - A Team Leader’s Special Message A leader’s message of support and expectation during a time of chaos.

September, 2003 – Leadership On The Net – Our Winning Secret

  • Lessons in Leadership - Our Winning Secret Introduction and link to special Site Build-It tool.
  • Meeting for Results - The Spirit of Winning Creating Winners, not winers. Leaders investing time and energy in developing their people ensures the greatest rewards and the quickest way address leadership issues.
  • Juice Bar - Our Picks – Winning Sayings The 7 best things ever said about winning.

August, 2003 – Leadership Traits – from Battlefield to Board Room

  • Lessons in Leadership - Battlefield to Board Room JJ DID TIE BUCKLE – Leadership Traits defined and examples of how to demonstrate certain traits in dealing with leadership issues.
  • Meeting for Results - Panoramic View of Leadership 360 Degree Leadership Assessment Tool
  • Juice Bar - Juice Served Strait! Lyrics to Road Less Traveled

July, 2003 – Leadership – Choosing Results and Creating A "Battle Cry"

  • Lessons in Leadership - Providing a Winning Choice for Results. Performance and Behavior – setting clear expectations so employees have a clear "choice"
  • Meeting for Results - Adopting a team "Battle Cry"! Team focus in 5 words or less.
  • Juice Bar - Wanna Bet? Leading employees in a friendly wager that provides fun and enjoyment. Lead in the fun.

April, 2003 – "FUN" and Lasting Motivation Through Leadership

  • Lessons in Leadership - Having Fun with Leadership Unique definition of "FUN"
  • Meeting for Results - Leadership Push vs. Pull Exercise – Uncle Ben’s little "rope" funny. Pulling employees along with you vs. just pushing them hard is a better way to address leadership issues.
  • Juice Bar - Making Sure Motivation Lasts. Daily doses of motivation is the key. You must pursue it. Only then will you always be energized to tackle all leadership issues.

March, 2003 – L.P.B.-It! The Power of Vision in Leadership

  • Lessons in Leadership - L.P.B.-It! The Power of Vision. Leave It, Perceive It, Believe It! – Vision = Choice "Cubed".
  • Meeting for Results - Visualize Exercise Choosing to see the positive outcomes to a negative event.
  • Juice Bar - Exceptional Perception of Success Story of a disabled boy told he needed to register for the draft. His vision of himself created the reaction "Wow, what team do you think will pick me?"

February, 2003 – Leadership Solutions – Overcoming Barriers to Sales

  • Lessons in Leadership - Overcoming Barriers to Sales A,B,C’s of Barrier’s – Attitude: "Leaving It On The Hook", Behavioral: "Teach, Coach, Expect!", and Conceptual: " Positive & Negative Beliefs
  • Meeting for Results - Clearing a Path For Progress 4 Steps to Overcoming Conceptual Barriers Causing Leadership Issues
  • Juice Bar - Power to Choose Your Mood Story of blind man sharing a hospital room, sitting next to a window, describing wonderful things going on outside to his roommate who wasn’t able to move to go to the window.

January, 2003 – Leadership In Action – Connect to Engage & Gain Momentum

  • Lessons in Leadership - Connect to Engage! Key Message: Connect to Your Employee to Engage Them and Ensure Loyalty/Employee Retention.
  • Meeting for Results - Gaining Momentum Key Tool: Play It Backward/Flip It Forward Exercise
  • Juice Bar - Persistence Calvin Coolidge Poem "Press On!"

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