Open Door Policy


Our Open Door Policy ensures that you never miss out on timely communications from

One of the biggest issues we have in communicating with our readers is that some of our subscribers do not receive our newsletters because their spam filters mistakenly block our newsletter emails - even though we NEVER use spam.

Increasingly, ISPs (ex.,, and mail services (ex., Hotmail, Yahoo) are using filtering systems to try and keep spam out of customers' In Boxes. Sometimes, though, they accidentally filter the e-mail that you DO want to receive.

Please do not blame your ISP or mail service. The volume of spam is enormous and the algorithms to figure out what is spam (and what is not) are complicated. So mistakes do happen.

We all have to deal, unfortunately, with the fallout of what spammers do to the Internet. Our Open Door Policy is how we have chosen to combat this challenge.

Unfortunately, this issue is not going away anytime soon. However, you can take action now to ensure you receive every one of our newsletters. You can whitelist our site address with your email provider.

Whitelisting simply means you will add our site to your list of acceptable sites that you wish to allow past any spam filters.

Check your email provider instructions on how to whitelist us so you never miss an issue of our newsletter.

Web Log (BLOG)/RSS Feed

Another way for you to stay in touch with us is to add the Leadership Tools BLOG to your RSS reader. Not sure what an RSS reader is? No problem, simply go to our BLOG page.

If you have a Yahoo, MSN or Google home page you can easily add our BLOG/RSS Feed to your list of daily content. Just click on the Yahoo, MSN or Google button at the bottom of any page on our site to quickly add our RSS feed and receive all of our site updates in real time.

You will notice that many of our BLOG entries cover various leadership issues, site news and leadership lessons. Add our BLOG RSS Feed to your homepage content today.

Site Map

We now provide an updated Site Map page for our readers. The Site Map was created in an effort to make navigation of our site easier and more convenient.

In Conclusion

In the spirit of adopting our Open Door Policy, readers now have:

  • the ability to ensure each newsletter is received by whitelisting our site address
  • access to our daily BLOG
  • the ability to more easily find what you are looking for through our site map

Remember, the best way to ensure you never miss an update or monthly issue of our newsletter is to add our RSS/BLOG feed to your MyYahoo, MyMSN, Google or other RSS feed reader today.

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