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Download a small business plan sample document and our entire business planning course for best practices and inspirational information for aspiring leaders. Learn the importance of The Service or Product Offer section of a business plan.

"A business absolutely devoted to service will have little worry over profits.”

In this section of the business planning process we get very clear about what it is that we are selling.

Describe in detail what product or service you are offering to your target market and why they will be drawn to your product or service.

"Understand that your name is firmly stamped on every product and point of service that occurs in the business."

For example, rather than simply listing your product line of 64 different products or services, explain how mid-level executives will prefer your product or service over that which is offered by your competition.

Focus your comments on areas where you feel you can create a distinct advantage in the marketplace.

Provide your reader with concrete evidence that customers are willing to pay for your unique solution to their problems. Share your market test data that supports your claims.

In summary, this section of your small business plan sample should include:

  • Detailed description of the product or service
  • Information detailing the life cycle of your product or service
  • Any copyright, patent, or trade secret information that may be relevant
  • Research and development activities that support your claims

Be sure to provide full color marketing material in the way of brochures or other creative material to present your product or service in the best light possible.

Marketing materials should be well 'branded'. Make sure all support material represents you and the company in the best possible way. Every small business plan sample materials will look different. For instance, high-tech companies will be branded with modern science/tech designs, whereas a fast food restaraunt would go with a more family/fun/healthy meal look and feel.

Learn more about Service or Product Offer section, by reviewing these free sample business plans.

Business Lesson Plan #13 / Winning People’s Confidence

"A man who trusts nobody is apt to be the kind of man nobody trusts."
- Harold Macmillan

The art of gaining people’s confidence quickly and retaining it provides a major advantage to the business person seeking to move forward in a career.

Not everyone possesses this highly valuable trait. In fact, the majority of people unknowingly erect barriers that get in the way of acquiring the skill of gaining others trust.

By having a disagreeable manner, lack of tact or diplomacy, or just an unpleasant personality; many frequently repel and antagonize those whom they are anxious to please.

Many people have to work extra hard to overcome the disadvantage of presenting a poor first impression. In contrast, others without much effort at all tend to charm everyone they meet. Success is often granted more on one’s engaging manner and attractive personality that to a great ability or talent.

"Hire good people and empower them to take care of your customers."

The first step to cultivate a more pleasing disposition is to see yourself the way others see you. As you read other's small business plan sample documents you are encouraged to keep this in mind. Be aware of the tone of your wording when you write; the manner that you greet people and your instinct to smile when you are approached.

A genuine smiling face will do more to gain the trust of others than all other virtues. Be generous in your sympathy and try to be at least as much interested in the joys and sorrows of others as you would wish them to be in yours.

Treat people as trusted friends to the extent you can do so without coming across as insincere. Your trust in others will cause them to be more open to trusting you more quickly.

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"The people in the field are closet to the customer, closest to the situation, therefore that is where the real wisdom is."

- Oren Harari

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