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A Purple Heart and The Heart of a Leader
January 29, 2019

Combat Wounds and
Perspective on Leadership

Yesterday I introduced you to my friend, Joshua Adams of Perspective Approach and showed you the incredible deal he's offering on one of his tools for leaders to develop their people, The Ultimate Employee.

Today, I've asked Joshua to share his personal story and explain why he does what he does.

Joshua's motto, Shields to the Left, is a phrase that comes from the Spartan Phalanx formation. Each warrior had a shield that was meant for the protection of the man to his left. This is where the term "Right-Hand Man" comes from. As leaders, we have an obligation to use our talents for the person "to our left", and truly become a right-hand person.

I hope you'll enjoy hearing Joshua's story as much as I did.

perspective approach

perspective approach intro

After seeing Joshua's video, you can see see he's the real deal and has a passion for helping other leaders develop their skills and their people.

We'll have more about Joshua and The Perspective Approach tomorrow - you don't want to miss it.


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