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Leadership - "Clicking" It Into Gear!
November 03, 2003

Leadership In Perspective!

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Win #2 Customers - are consistently "delighted" and remain loyal.
Win #3 Owners/Shareholders - realize optimal return on investment with continual improvement quarter-to-quarter and year-over-year.

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Volume I, November, 2003 Issue

Leadership In Perspective!
"Click" It Into Gear For Maximum Results.

T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S

  1. Lessons-in-Leadership
    • Leadership In Perspective! "Click" It Into Gear.
  2. Meeting for Results
    • Simply "Click" to Overcome Obstacles!
  3. The Juice Bar
    • Gratitude Determines Attitude
  4. Reader Meter
    • Tis the Season for Thanksgiving.
  5. Site News
    • On the Horizon (Special Update)


Leadership In Perspective!
"Click" It Into Gear for Results.

"In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves.
The process never ends until we die.
And the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility."

- Eleanor Roosevelt

Let's "Click" It Into Gear!

Ever wonder how two people can be in the same meeting, hear the same speaker communicate the same message - yet once the meeting is over, each person's perception of the event is totally different?

Why the different perception? How can one individual think the meeting was terrific and leave completely inspired and motivated, but still the other person walks away believing the total opposite?

Answer: "THE CLICK" (More on this in a minute!)

Picture yourself being told that your department is about to undergo a major downsizing. (Not a pretty picture, to be sure.) You are told that an announcement regarding large numbers of layoffs is eminent.

Shortly, you may be out of a job! (gasp!)

Stunned? Sure you are, and the choices you make in the immediate future may change your life forever.

NOW - is when you need to "CLICK" it into gear.

Visualize "THE CLICK": Take your right hand and form a backwards "C" with your thumb and fingers. Keeping your hand in the backwards "C" position - hold your hand up to your right temple. Next, quickly make a forward snap of the wrist as you say out loud, "CLICK".

Leaders who understand the power of "The Click" - DO NOT become victims of circumstance. Rather, they identify the challenges and the opportunities which are presented to them at the moment - in the face of adversity.

We each have the ability to choose our outcome. We may not like the choices in front of us at the time - but at least we have the ability to choose our path.

One thing is for certain - doing nothing, ensures failure.

Consider these examples:

#1 Losing your job?

Initial Reactions: "Poor me. That's not fair! Those dirty rotten ba.... scoundrels! Why me? My life is over!".. etc, etc.


CLICK!"Okay, this is interesting. I guess now I have the opportunity to do something totally different. I could allow myself to be scared, but I choose to be excited instead. Obviously, something greater is awaiting me just around the corner. I can't wait to get started!"

#2 Boss just told you your department isn't meeting expectations, and you are being placed on notice?

Initial Reactions: "He has always had it out for me. I'm next on the chopping block. It's a conspiracy! I'm going to report him to HR and the Corporate Ethics Line because I feel threatened!..etc, etc.


CLICK! "Alright, my boss just told me exactly what I needed to achieve in order to ensure that I am meeting expectations. I'm going to start immediately to address every issue to show him that I understand what he expects and that I am committed to not letting he, or the company, down. I may not agree with everything he said, but I respect the position that he holds and it's my duty to this organization. I can do this!"

As the preceding examples point out, "THE CLICK" is the result of asking yourself, "What is the most constructive way I can look at this situation, and what action steps must I immediately take to professionally address this issue?"

Bottom line: NEVER forget the power of "THE CLICK". NEVER allow yourself to be a victim of circumstance. Instead, utilize this all-important tool to remain the master of your own destiny.

Don't be "affected" - BE EFFECTIVE.

"Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."
- John Wooden

Meeting for Results

Simply "Click" to Overcome Obstacles!

"When you get right down to the root of the meaning of the word "succeed," you find that it simply means to follow through."
- F.W. Nichol

Consider using this new exercise we call the "Click Clinic" in your next sales meeting as a way to quickly identify and overcome the obstacles in the way of maximizing results.

A customer's objection is the one thing standing in the way of your next sale.

Imagine if you could quickly overcome the customer's objection - MORE SALES! Right?

NOW, is a great opportunity to educate your team members about the all-powerful "Click" (see above article), and at the same time help your team to quickly identify and overcome the obstacles that are hindering their performance.

"CLICK CLINIC": Instructions for Overcoming Customer Objections.

  1. Lead the group to quickly list their top, most common, customer objections. Use a chalk board or flip chart so everyone can see the entire list. Make the list as large as necessary to satisfy your team. Once the list in complete, work with the team to quickly categorize the objections as many on the list are probably closely related.
  2. Point out to your team that each customer objection represents the fact that the customer who has this objection does not understand "The Click" or the total benefit of your product. (A good sales person knows their job is to educate the customer to make the best decision. HINT: Highly ethical sales people truly believe in their own product.)
  3. Break your team in to 2-3 equal work groups. Assign each group to come up with the perfect "Click", or best response, to each customer objection. Make the point that no one knows what the best response is more than the experts who sell the product. Your team members are the experts, and they DO know the perfect response.
  4. Ask each group to share with the rest of the team their responses - discuss each response briefly to ensure it's the very best. Let your team be the final judge - afterall, it's they who will be needing to use the tool to overcome objections.
  5. Shortly after the workshop is over, provide each team member with a complete list of their perfect "Clicks", or best responses for overcoming customer objections.

Not only will you be surprised by the true knowledge of your sales team, they will look to you as a good leader. An effective leader who brought them together for the purpose of helping them solve the problems that are keeping them from being their best.

Over the next week, make a point of supporting your team members by quizzing them on their "Clicks". Throw out a customer objection from time to time and ask them "How would you respond to that?"

KEEP DOING IT UNTIL THEY GET IT RIGHT. Repetition is the key to retention. Let them know that you would rather they NOT get it right in front of you, rather than in front of a prospective customer and lose out on the sale.

Your team will thank you for it later. :)

"High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation."
- Jack and Garry Kinder

The Juice Bar

Gratitude Determines Attitude

"Chance favors the prepared mind."
- Louis Pasteur

As we approach a new year, we look forward to the holiday season. Thanksgiving reminds us of all that we have and all that we should be thankful for.

Poem on Gratitude & Thanksgiving - Title Unknown
The sun was shining in my eyes, and I could barely see
To do the necessary task that was allotted me.
Resentment of the vivid glow, I started to complain--
When all at once upon the air I heard the blind man's cane.

- Author Unknown

We challenge you to read the preceding poem 2-3 times. As your read, think about all the things that you have complained about over the last week... Leadership In Perspective.

Happy Thanksgiving!

"It's always worthwhile to make others aware of their worth."
- Malcolm Forbes

Reader Meter

Tis the Season for Thanksgiving!

We continue to get terrific feedback from our enthusiastic readers! As we approach the thanksgiving and holiday season, we again wish to thank all of you for your kind words of encouragement and support.

Here are a couple more examples of your energy and enthusisam.

"Even though I am using this for ideas for the National Honor Society (I am the advisor and High School teacher), I have been able to take some of the ideas and apply them to many different settings.
- Lorri Campbell

Thanks Lorri! We are pleased to be of service to you and your/our "future leaders".

"I must say that it is such a joy to get the newsletter! I don't always have the time to search websites for information, but when it comes to me prepackaged as a letter - it is much easier to digest.

In my company morale was a huge issue, as it is in many I am sure. I implemented the "Morale Committee" where I serve as CFO (Chief Fun Officer) and we do all kinds of silly things. Usually we try to find out what people like and don't like before we get little thank you's, birthday presents, and anniversary gifts.

I don't know why it ever slipped my mind to just ASK! That is the purpose of this e-mail, I would like to request a copy of your "My Favorite Things" tool. This would be super simple to keep up with, and this way no one is ever disappointed. Keep up the good work,
- Amy McIntire

Thanks so much Amy, we will! What a wonderful part of your job description. Chief Fun Officer - we love it!!

Thanks to all our readers who support and enjoy our site. Please continue to let us know how we are doing, and what additional subjects you would like us to cover.

Site News

On The Horizon for

As we've stated for the last few months, we have been planning many new improvements to the website. We are happy to announce the following new pages are now LIVE on our site.

Four new pages packed with outstanding quotes include:

Inspirational Quotes

Famous Quotes

Success Quotes

Powerful Quotes

Some of the new additions to our site still in the works include:

  • Leadership in Profile - COMING VERY SOON! Highlighting everyday leader's success stories
  • Leadership TIPS - Tips and checklists for addressing a wide variety of leadership issues
  • Presentations on Leadership Topics, available for immediate download.
Stay tuned.

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