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Leadership Tools Monthly News, November 2010
November 09, 2010

Next Step Leadership
...and Special Congrats to Jodie Hughson!


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Volume VIII - November, 2010 Issue

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Site News

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Lessons In Leadership

Next Step Leadership
How To Improve Your Life One Step At A Time

"Whoever wants to reach a distant goal must take small steps."
- Helmut Schmidt

In our last newsletter we spoke about the importance of "self leadership"; the importance of taking ownership of your current circumstance, and taking the necessary steps to move forward toward a positive and more rewarding outcome.

As a follow, it's important to provide some clear and concise steps on how to systematically get from point A to point B.

Regardless of your situation, adopting a "next step leadership" approach, will prove highly beneficial as you work to achieve your goals.

Next step leadership is all about breaking things down into clear, concise, and easy to understand steps. Upfront planning is critical to your success.

Here are the basic steps to Next Step Leadership:

  1. Determine The Outcome - In order to get to where you want to go, you need to have a clear vision of what the ultimate outcome is that you desire. Otherwise, how will you ever be able to measure your success?

    Take time to be alone with your thoughts for the sole purpose of deciding what it is that you truly want. Once you have the outcome determined clearly in your mind - write it down. Be sure to keep your written goal in a place where you will see it and be reminded of it on a regular basis.

    As we review the Next Step Leadership approach, let's assume the desired outcome is achieving the dream of writing a book. The written goal should be stated in the present tense and say something like "I am a successfully published author!"

  2. Broad Outline - Once you know your outcome, it's time to create a broad outline of what it's going to take to achieve your goal. Whether the goal is small or large, it will most likely require you to take action in more than one area.

    In our example of writing a book, this outline may end up becoming the Table of Contents. Before even writing the first word, we can think through the various chapters of the book that we plan to write. By pre-planning in an outline format, you are in effect creating a skeleton road map to success. The details to you plan will come soon, but for now we just need a broad outline.

    Keep in mind that you can edit the outline as you go progress. Fine-tuning along the way is important as you learn more about what will be required to achieve your final outcome. Be flexible on this point and watch your road map evolve!

  3. Identify Projects - With a basic outline in hand, the next step requires you to break down each bullet point, or chapter, into projects. Depending on the complexity of your outcome, you may have several projects to complete.

    For instance, in writing a book, projects might include researching sources; preparing questions; conducting interviews; traveling for background data; research on the topics of marketing, publishing, scheduling time each day to write, etc.

    Be prepared to add projects to your list as you progress. While it may time longer to achieve your goal than you originally intended, the main point to remember is that you are moving closer to the end result. Keep pressing forward.

  4. List Tasks - This next step is critical. Listing specific tasks required in order to complete each project can be time consuming, but it's well worth your time and effort. Each task will take you one step closer to realizing your ultimate outcome.

    Your list of tasks will likely be long. Some will be easy to complete, others more difficult. Don't let the size of your list overwhelm you. You will not be attempting to complete all tasks at once. You will, however, need to complete the tasks one by one, taking one step after another.

    Before you know it the list of tasks will be achieved and every related project will be accomplished!

  5. Add Time-Lines - Depending on your situation, you may need to attach specific time-lines to each project and associated task. If your desired outcome must occur by a specific date, then you must ensure your success by adding specific time-lines to each task and project.

    On the other hand, if you do not have a specific end date by which you much complete your goal, adding time-lines may not be necessary. The choice is yours.

  6. Take Action Daily - At the very least you are encouraged to do "something" each day (take at least one simple action) toward the realization of your goal.

    Over time, one year for example, you will be amazed at how much progress you will have made toward achieving your ultimate outcome.

    Consistent little steps lead to big results!

  7. Stay On Task - At times you may get discouraged because you've become sidetracked. Perhaps a family emergency, work related responsibilities or other personal issues have taken priority and you've not made the progress you intended. Let's face it, LIFE HAPPENS!

    Here is where you simply say to yourself - "So What!" Don't let it get you down. Instead, just pick back up where you left off. No harm, no foul. Just begin working your task list. Continue to work toward the completion of your projects. Don't waste time beating yourself up over any delays. Re-engage and keep pushing forward.

  8. Look Back to See Forward - From time to time, take a minute to review the progress you've made. Take time out to celebrate the little wins achieved along the way!

    Remind yourself of where you would be if you had not taken any action at all toward your goal - then compare it to where you are now. Perhaps you have not yet fully realized your goal, but you are no doubt well on your way to victory. Give yourself a well deserved pat on the back for a job well done.

    Okay, party's over. Now, get back to work! Get going on those tasks and projects, and don't stop putting one step in front of the other until you have achieving your ultimate outcome.

Out of all the above steps, the single most important step is Taking Action Daily. Don't just take my word for it. Find out how taking one simple step made a world of difference for one of our very own subscribers. Because she took quick action following our latest newsletter, Jodie Hughson has received a tremendous opportunity that may change her life for the better!

By taking action today, you could be next... read the next section for details.

"For me, goals are my road map to the life I want. They have helped me accomplish things I once thought were impossible."
- Catherine Pulsifer

New Tools, Resources, Updates & Ideas

We Have A Winner!
Pre-Launch Sponsorship Award

"A goal properly set is halfway reached."
- Abraham Lincoln

In our most recent newsletter you were informed about an exciting opportunity that is in the "Pre-Launch" phase.

I told you about a major Internet player who is about to announce that it has committed one million dollars ($1,000,000.00 USD) in new business start-up funding, in the form of business sponsorships, to individuals who can show that they have the potential to be successful online business owners.

I am THRILLED to announce that one of our very own Leadership Tools Monthly News subscribers has been awarded one of these highly coveted sponsorships.

CONGRATULATIONS Jodie Hughson of Queensland, Australia!
Next Step Leadership
Sponsorship Recipient
Jodie Hughson

Jodie took that next step. She took the one important action of applying for a sponsorship, and lo and behold, look what happened!

Jodie's application revealed that she is an outgoing, energetic and live-life-to-the-fullest kind of person. Her approach to life in general is: "If you want to experience life to the maximum, not all of it is going to be favorable. There are always bumps and ditches in the road. The trick is to get up, dust yourself off and keep going!"

Jodie's past challenges and successes has led her to a point in her life where she now feels she has the vision, the determination, and the ambition to launch into something new and different. No, she's not giving up her day job - but she is committed to making the most of her spare hours to achieve her dreams.

She shared that she has a lot of hobbies and special interests, but she lacks the knowledge, structure and support necessary to turn those interests into a profitable online business. So when this opportunity become available, it just seemed like a perfect fit.

Jodie was right, and because she took action, she is now on her way to following her dream of owning her own successful business.

When I contacted Jodie to congratulate her on being named a Sponsorship recipient, she replied. "Thanks Richard! When I responded to the announcement in your newsletter I never imagined I would even hear back, let alone be successful! Thanks so much for bringing this opportunity to my attention."

Jodie was one out of several hundred subscribers who requested the Pre-Launch information, but surprisingly, she was one out of only a very few who actually took the next step of completing the application.

To Jodie's credit, her application was well written and there was no doubt that she spent some time really thinking about how she would respondto each question. Bottom line, she took a leap of faith and made the necessary effort - and it paid off!

The good news is that the Pre-Launch phase has been extended so you still have time to get in on the ground floor. Are you interested in learning more?

If you believe that you have what it takes to lead yourself to online business success...

If you believe you have the grit and determination to challenge yourself...

Click on this link for details:

Jodie is living proof that this (no cost) opportunity is for real. The private Pre-Launch phase won't last much longer. It goes into full public launch in late-November, just a few short weeks from now.

In this Pre-Launch phase, potential applicants need a personal recommendation. As one of my subscribers, I am willing to do this for you. Just go to this link and read the full details:

Folks, there is no catch or hidden agenda here. I receive no compensation for sharing this opportunity with you.

You don't spend a dime. Just make a focused effort.

Feel free to email me directly if you have any questions after reading the details at the above link.

"Choosing a goal and sticking to it changes everything."
- Scott Reed

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