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Newsletter #069: Leadership in Personal Finances
March 21, 2017

How to Conquer Debt and
Improve Your Financial Life

In this edition, you'll learn valuable tips to better organize your financial records, budget your cash flow and conquer debt.

Additionally, we're excited to share progress we've made in updating our website. We've made changes that we believe help to improve your overall visitor experience.

Let's dive in...

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Leading Your Financial Life: Conquer Debt, Build Wealth

Over the past several newsletters, we've talked a lot about the importance of setting personal and professional goals; identifying your key life categories, and creating a plan to achieve your goals and dreams.

If you're like most people, one of your primary life categories is; Financial.

Let's face it... if you're not being successful at managing your financial life, it makes it much more difficult to be effective in other important areas. For example, if one of your life goals is to travel the world, it's pretty hard to pay for plane tickets, lodging and tour guides if you lack the financial resources.

It's a fact, money is important - if not to you then to others. The more money have, the more you can contribute to charities that are important to you.

Additionally, the greater your financial resources, the more options and opportunities you'll have to follow your dreams.

Over the past few months we've completely updated an ebook I wrote several years ago, 10 Steps to Conquer Debt.

The ebook was originally published in 2006. The information provided is based on best practices that have been proven over decades. In addition, I've updated the tools that accompany the ebook.

Six Steps to Performance Appraisals

If you're not already doing this, NOW is the perfect time to start.

Personal Goal Setting in One Word

If you've been following our newsletter over the past few months, you know we've spent a lot of time on the subject of goal setting.

As a quick recap, the following tools are available for you to identify and complete goals in key life categories.

Step One: Complete the Life Balance - Success Wheel tool to identify and rate yourself in your most important life categories.

Step Two: Use the free Master Action Plan (M.A.P.) tool to break your goals down into actionable projects and tasks, which answer the questions of How Much, Of What, By When, and By Whom?

Step Three: As discussed in our last edition, create your Vision Board for added focus on your goals. Stay motivated by keeping your goals front and center.

NEW Step Four: Check out our latest review on the new book, Life Word.

Written by Jon Gordon, Jimmy Page and Dan Ritton, Life Word is a powerful little book that is well worth your time.

In Life Word, you'll discover how to identify the one word that will define your life in the coming year. Your life word will be your partner, guide and mentor as you work through each of your personal and professional goals.

The process is simple, yet highly effective.

The Life Word exercise is one more tool you can leverage to remain squarely focused on your most important goals and objectives.


Originally, we planned to limit the amount of time this audio series would be freely available.

However, as we heard your feedback we decided to add the entire series, including the eBook, Workbook and Audio Book as a permanent offering in our FREE TOOLS LEADERSHIP LIBRARY. Enjoy!.

Here's a sample of the latest batch of reader comments we received after our last edition of the newsletter.

Unfortunately, we can't print every testimonial, but please know we read and appreciate each and every one.

"Your website has given me the incentive to continue on my journey to a non-profit organization, which has been my wish for years. It is now a dream which I believe can be. I am no longer afraid."
Vicki Kimbrough
Moreno Valley, California

"Today we live in a society that need good foundation leadership training. And you get that here."
David Fry
Valrico, Florida

"Excellent, good variety of information and resources to use, all written to a very high quality. The content is excellent to read about and use."
Kevin Myers
Durham, United Kingdom

"Excellent, I share your articles often with my team and the insights are helpful."
Satyajit Jindam
Maharashtra, India

Let us know what you think. What do you want to see in future editions?

Please share your comments.

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