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Today there is greater opportunity than ever to leverage vision board software and computer/tablet/phone applications, which can help to increase your chance of successfully achieving your goals.

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In our free ebook Goal Setting for Success we've provided a complete strategy for setting and achieving your most important goals. 

Two primary tools provided in the goal setting process include our Life Balance - Success Wheel, which walks you through the process of identifying and rating yourself in key life categories, and our Master Action Plan (M.A.P.) for breaking down your goals with clarity by answering key questions such as How much? Of what? By when? and By whom?  

Once you've completed the Goal Setting for Success course, you have a solid road map for success.  At this point your primary challenge is staying focused and motivated to carry out the action plans you've created. The importance of staying focused and motivated cannot be overstated - this requires continual self-discipline.

One of the best ways to stay motivated and focused on your goals is to continually remind yourself why you've set goals in the first place - clearly understand your primary purpose. This is where the power of a vision board comes into play.

"Create a vision and never let the limits of what has been done in the past shape your decisions. Ignore conventional wisdom.  - Tony Robbins

There are a wide variety of names for vision boards. These include: dream board, wish map, treasure map, visual explorer, creative collage, just to name a few.  

No matter what you call it, the purpose of a vision board is to create compelling visual images that remind you why your goals are important; what you need to do to achieve your goals; encourage you to take action daily toward your goals; and highlight how you can help others and how it will make you feel once you've achieved your most important outcomes.

There is a reason why professional sports players use visualization as part of game preparation. They understand that seeing is believing, which is key toward achieving results. Through mental practice - seeing themselves being successful, over and over and over again, they impress upon their brain the images and feelings that support their performance when the time comes to produce results.

Using hand crafted vision boards, vision board software or tablet and mobile vision board applications, you can use this same technique to greatly enhance your chances for achieving your most important objectives.

Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.

- Albert Einstein

What to Include on Vision Board Software, Apps or Poster Board

In the not too distant past, the primary way to create a vision board was to cut out inspiring pictures and quotes from a bunch of magazines and glue the images and phrases to poster board for display.  The truth is... this still works!

However, with advanced technology, there are a wide variety of vision board software and free applications that offer additional fun, creative and effective options. 

Remember, the whole point of a vision board is to assist you in staying focused and motivated on your goals. Whether you use vision board software, apps or good old fashioned poster board, you will want to ensure you include the following:

  • Images (imagery if using video) that highlight your goal(s). Ideally, you will have an image of yourself next to, or within, the image of the goals you wish to achieve.  See yourself having already achieved the goal.
  • Purpose: Include visuals that remind you of why you want to achieve the goal. What's in it for you? What's in it for others, once you achieve the goal? 
  • Emotions: Express within your vision board how it will make you feel to achieve the goal(s). Emotionally, how will you and others benefit?
  • Quotes: Use inspirational and motivation quotations from people you admire. Quotes that speak to your heart are great motivational tools.
  • Statements Using "I".  Adding statements such as "I am...", "I have achieved...", "I own...", "I am worth...", "I contribute...", etc. help to train your mind into believing your goals are achievable, which helps to conquer barriers that will inevitably pop up along the way.
  • Goal Date: Include a date by when you will achieve each of your goals. Better yet, include dates for achieving each step of your action plan. The more specific you can be on your vision board about how you will take action and ultimately achieve your outcome, the more powerful the tool will be.
  • Music/Audio: Using vision board software or applications you can create video or audio that support the addition of music or sound bites of powerful speeches/books/sermons, etc. Sound adds yet another dimension to a vision board, further enhancing your ability to engage all the senses to support efforts to achieve your goals.

Oprah's Interview With Steve Harvey On Why He Uses A Vision Board

Vision Board Tools and Resources

There are far too many vision board software and application options to cover here in detail, but we have found some outstanding resources that we believe iare definitely worthy of your review. 

Paper Based Vision Board

There is an excellent article by Christine Inge, titled How To Make A Vision Board That Actually Works.  

Digital Vision Board (Powerpoint)

Powerpoint is a fantastic tool that can be used to easily create your vision board. This is also a great option because you can quickly print out as many copies as you wish to ensure your goals are on display wherever you spend any considerable time.  I.e., office space, refrigerator, above your mirror, etc. 

By conducting a quick Google Image search you can find a wide variety of Powerpoint Vision Board Examples

Vision Board Application

After an full review of various tablet and mobile apps, we've concluded that the best option currently available is one created by Jack Canfield, author of the wildly successful Chicken Soup for the Soul book series.  

His application is called the Jack Canfield Success Vision Board app.  Watch the video to see how the app works.

To access the application, go to the iTunes App Store or Google Play for Andoid to review the app.  While the app is not free (Cost: $1.99), it's the most positively reviewed by users. (Disclaimer: We do not receive any proceeds if you buy.)

Vision Board Software

If you are comfortable in using video tools like like iMovie or MovieMaker, which are probably already on your existing Mac or PC, we encourage you to add sound (music or audio) and imagery, creating a powerful Vision Board video.

Don't worry if you don't know how to use these types of tools - you can still take your vision board to the highest level by using vision board software such as PowToon, which details in this article How To Make The Most Mind Blowing Vision Board In Just 4 Steps.

At the end of the article there is a video example worth watching for inspiration.

Remember, your vision board doesn't have to be fancy, it just has to work for you - it needs to be filled with ideas and images that speak to your heart. We hope the tools and resources shared here will be of assistance as you work toward achieving your dreams. 

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