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Our collection of articles on sales management related topics provide ideas and suggested activities on how to increase your sales production and maintain higher net profits. All articles are original and we take great pride in sharing this information with our loyal readers.

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Management and sales articles provide helpful tools to leaders and small business owners seeking helpful tips and best practice information. Our management articles have been categorized for easy reference.

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Articles on Sales Management

General Sales Management

» Fast Money Making Idea
Make more money literally while you sleep. Lots of people are doing just that! Identify the fast money making idea that might just be your ticket out of the 9 to 5 grind.

» Leading A Sales Program That “Gets It Right”
Leaders run the risk of de-motivating employees if they don’t get it right the first time. Discover our effective sample recognition programs and learn more about how to run an effective sales program.

» How to Leverage a Sale Training Program
Companies that understand the value of having a long term strategy, move quickly to adopt an effective sale training program. These companies realize the many benefits outlined here.

» 5 Golden Rules to Sales Management
Live by these 5 Golden Rules to sales management and experience a fulfilling career in sales. Dismissing these rules cuts a sales career short. Don't miss this and other important articles on sales management.

Sales & Marketing

» Selling Product Online - The New World, Our Internet Marketplace
Any individual or organization who wants to take advantage of the opportunities that the Internet provides can quickly develop a cyber-storefront and begin selling product online.

» Telemarketing - NO! Courtesy Calling - YES!
In this sales management article learn the power of turning a negative telmarking call into a powerful customer-focused courtesy call, for increased sales results! Discover the power of telemarketing scripts that work!

Performance Management

» Six Steps To Performance Appraisals - Part 1 of 6
Following a quick introduction to this series, Part 1 details the Objectives and Purpose of the performance appraisal process. Sample performance appraisal is included.

» Six Steps To Performance Appraisals - Part 2 of 6
Part 2 of our articles on sales management series provides quidelines and a specific rating scale for completing the sample performance appraisals and review process.

» Six Steps To Performance Appraisals - Part 3 of 6
Part 3 of our six-part series provides sound advice and quidelines for using appropriate language during the appraisal process. Access sample performance evaluations at no cost.

» Six Steps To Performance Appraisals - Part 4 of 6
Part 4 of our series details how managers should properly prepare for the employee appraisal process. Sample performance evaluation is included.

» Six Steps To Performance Appraisals - Part 5 of 6
Part 5 of our series guides you through the process of establishing performance and employee development goals. Access sample performance reviews for step by step instructions.

» Six Steps To Performance Appraisals - Part 6 of 6
In our final articles on sales management in this six-part series you will learn the importance of proper follow up. Sample performance review is included.

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