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Customer service articles in general, support the idea that good customer service distinguishes those companies focused on long-term growth, versus those only seeking short-term increases in production.

When customers feel good about their overall experience, they’re more likely to return, buy more, and recommend your business to their family and friends. This is why it is imperative that you develop a culture within your business that celebrates employees that consistently deliver excellent customer service.

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customer service articles

As the leader, it's your responsibility to make certain each employee on your team understands what is expected of them to ensure a great customer experience. Furthermore, it's up to you to identify and fix any issues that might be at the root cause of service failures. 

While it may be true that customers are more forgiving when a small problem arises, provided the issue is quickly resolved, they won't continue to be forgiving if they see this as a recurring issue. 

Furthermore, it costs a business between five and ten times as much money to attract a new customer as it does to retain an existing one. So it makes perfect business sense to keep your clients happy by serving them well each and every time they visit your establishment. This is true for both traditional storefronts or online business websites.

To ensure quality customer service is top of mind with every team members, leaders should measure customer satisfaction on an ongoing bases. Provide customers multiple ways of providing their feedback. This could be in the forma of a new customer survey, an annual customer satisfaction survey, providing a suggestion box, etc. Manage customer feedback closely and always follow up immediately on customer complaints. 

Lead by example and your team members will follow. We hope you'll check out our collection of customer service articles provided below. 

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Collection of Customer Service Articles

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General Customer Service Advice

» Creating A Customer Service Slogan | What Is Your Team Battle-Cry?
When team members are asked what they are all about, the answer should be evident in not just words, but in their everyday activities. What's the customer service slogan for your company?

» Creating A Customer Service Quiz and Survey
A customer service quiz is a great tool for gaining quality insight from employees. A customer service survey allows you to get feedback from customers.

» Tracking Customer Service For Improved Results
This customer service article details how business leaders can properly measure customer service results.

» Create A Customer Contact Plan That Adds Value
A customer contact plan can make all the difference between maintaining or losing valuable customer relationships. 

» Employees Taking Ownership In Customer Service
Employees who take ownership, experience a higher degree of pride in their work. This makes for happier employees, which equates to more satisfied customers. 

» Write A Customer Service Resume That Stands Out
Being strong in sales production is simply not enough in todays competitive environment. Be on the lookout for the candidate with a strong customer service resume.

» What Is Your Customer Service Definitions for Success?
The quality of customer service provided by an organization is ultimately determined by the customer. It's their definition that really counts. Read this and our other customer service articles that can make a difference for your business.

» Top Customer Service Tips For Service Hero Status
Smart business leaders closely manage their employees commitment to consistently deliver a positive customer experience.

Difficult Customer Issues

» Dealing With Questions Angry Customers Ask - Part 1 of 3
Introduction and Part One of a three-part series on how to most effectively deal with angry customers. Make sure you are ready for the emotional questions angry customers will ask.

» Dealing With Angry Customers And Protecting Your Brand - Part 2 of 3
Part Two in our series on how to be certain you are dealing with angry customers effectively.

» Best Response To Angry Customers That Turns Them Into Raving Fans - Part 3 of 3
Part Three in our series on how to ensure you have the most effective response to angry customers.

Customer Retention

» Your Customer Loyalty and Retention Strategy In A Nutshell
This is one of our customer services articles on retention and it's purpose is to explore whey there are so many elements that contribute to a successful customer loyalty and retention strategy..

» The Customer Retention Formula For Best In Class Results
A special formula that supports the notion that excellent customer service is key to customer retention and long term business growth.

Customer Service Training

» How To Improve Customer Service And Delight Customers Every Time
Good customer service is not something great businesses just happen to provide. Great businesses are "driven to delight" their customers at every interaction. 

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