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Customer service articles in general, support the idea that good customer service distinguishes those companies focused on long-term growth, versus those only seeking short-term increases in production.

When customers feel good about their overall experience, they’re more likely to return, buy more, and recommend your business to their family and friends.

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Satisfied customers are more forgiving when a small problem arises, provided the issue is quickly resolved by the service manager.

A key point not typically pointed out in most customer service articles is that it costs a business between five and ten times as much money to attract a new customer as it does to retain an existing one. So it makes perfect business sense to keep our clients happy.

Business owners looking to create or maintain steady and long-term growth, should closely monitor customer satisfaction scores throughout their organization. Here's a customer service idea or two to ensure your ongoing success.

Customer Service Articles

General Customer Service

» Creating Your Company Slogan, or Battle-Cry
When team members are asked what they are all about, the answer should be evident in not just words, but in their everyday activities. What's the customer service slogan for your company?

» Gain Quality Insight From Your Customers With This Customer Service Quiz
A customer service quiz is truly a best practice tool for gaining quality insight from your customers.

» How To Measure Customer Service Results
This customer service article details how business leaders can properly measure customer service results.

» Create A Customer Contact Plan To Impress!
A customer contact plan can make all the difference between maintaining or losing valuable customer relationships. A successful customer contact plan will include the following activities.

» How To Get Employees To Take Ownership
Employees who take ownership, experience a higher degree of personal pride. This makes for happier employees, which equates to more satisfied customers. Employees taking ownership - the perfect customer service idea.

» Discovering The High Value Resume
Being strong in sales production is simply not enough in todays competitive environment. Be on the lookout for the candidate with a strong customer service resume.

» Customer Service Definitions for Success
The quality of customer service provided by an organization is ultimately determined by the customer. It's their definition that really counts. Customer service articles that make a difference.

» The Ultimate Customer Service Tip
Key learning for business leaders is to manage closely to their organizations committment to an overall positive customer experience.

Difficult Customer Issues

» Dealing With Angry Customers - Part 1 of 3
Introduction and Part One of a three-part series on how to most effectively deal with angry customers. Make sure you are ready for the emotional questions angry customers will ask.

» Dealing With Angry Customers - Part 2 of 3
Part Two in our series on how to be certain you are dealing with angry customers effectively.

» Dealing With Angry Customers - Part 3 of 3
Part Three in our series on how to ensure you have the most effective response to angry customers.

Customer Retention

» Is Employee Retention Linked To Customer Retention?
This customer services articles purpose is to explore why the above statement holds true no matter what line of business you happen to be in.

» Customer Retention Formula = S.E.R.V.
A special formula that supports the notion that excellent customer service is key to customer retention and long term business growth.

Customer Service Training

» Employees Determined To Delight Their Customers
Good customer service is not something great businesses just happen to provide. Great businesses are "driven to delight" their customers at every interaction. A great tip for good customer service.

» Delivering Quality Customer Service Counts!
Review our free customer service training principles to ensure quality customer service delivery in your business. Begin to over deliver to your customers on a daily basis. Access our free leadership and customer service tools.

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When you really stop and think about it, ensuring quality customer service should truly be our 'instinct'. Growing your business isn’t just aout bringing new customers in, it’s even more important to retain the customers you currently serve.

Net growth is the best indicator of how your business is currently doing in customer service deliver, as well as where your organization is headed.

We hope our customer service articles convince you that quality customer service is not simply a 'nice to have' – it’s a 'must deliver', in order to enjoy substantial and ongoing business success.

The customer service tips and ideas provided here can give you the knowledge you need to get your business healthy by increasing sales and customer retention.

We encourage you to return to our site often to read our latest customer service articles.

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