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The ultimate customer service tip for business leaders is to manage closely to the overall customer experience.

Many of today’s most successful leaders are known to routinely call into their own technical support lines (disguised as an average consumer) for the purpose of verifying that employees are carrying out the company's mission.

They have a strong desire to experience firsthand the level of service their customers are receiving.

Leaders must know exactly what kind of service their front-line people are delivering. They know that if their people aren’t taking care of the customer properly on a consistent basis, a competitor will gladly do so.

Mystery shopping is another important tool that has become more common. Smart organizations want to know how their customers are being cared for.

Are your customers consistently being greeted with a smile? Are they hearing their name during the conversation? Are they being asked if they need assistance? Are they being thanked for their business?

Are your customers waiting too long for your employees to acknowledge and service them? Are they receiving the experience that you expect?

You cannot afford to assume anything when it comes to serving your customers. As the leader, if you are paying attention to this important customer service tip, you must inspect what you expect.

Every time a customer walks through your door it’s “Show Time” Always remember that the ultimate customer service tip is to ensure a positive and memorable customer experience.

Dealing with your organization should be an experience that they remember and one that they look forward to having again. Provide a memorable experience, or "show", and your customers will refer their friends and family.

People go to Disney World to experience "magic" and to see all their favorite characters, like Mickey Mouse. They want to pass on the experience to their childres that they remember from their childhood. They know their children will have the same wonderful experience – they’ll get it every single time they return to Disneyland - and that’s why people keep returning.

Whatever it is that keeps your customers excited, make sure it’s there for them every single time. Your service delivery must to be consistently positive for your clients. Surprises should be limited only to positive surprises.

We began this article by stating that the ultimate customer service tip was to manage closely to the overall customer experience. Leaders need to be clear about their service expectations and make the necessary investment to ensure a positive customer experience is consistently delivered.

Communicate clearly your customer service vision to every single employee. Incorporate the service mission in all things withint the organization.

Lastly on this important customer service tip - nothing should get in the way of your service mission. Keep the service mission “sacred”! Maintain customer service excellence, as it is the one single thing within each employee’s personal control that will set your company apart from your competitors

The Customer Experience – Get it right, every time.

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