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Orison Marden books have provided many important leadership lessons, universal laws and secrets to success.  While Dr. Marden is often discussed within the pages of this website, there are important additional works from a short-list of authors that are considered "must reads" for anyone seeking personal and professional growth.

Here we will introduce these experts - these GIANTS of the American Success Movement - and provide copies of their inspiring and motivational ebooks, audio recordings and more.  

motivational ebooks orison marden books

There is a perfect reason why certain self-help and motivational books stand the test of time. The books selected here have all certainly passed the test.

"There will be no success, without difficulties to overcome."
- O.S. Marden

In each of the books discussed below, there is a deep and heart-felt message that the author wishes to share with you. The author has painstakingly considered and chosen each word to ensure it has the greatest chance of lighting a spark to energize your ambition; your character, and to encourage a higher sense of self-worth.

These classic books provide not only a window to the past, but also they show a path to a better and brighter tomorrow.

We've collected an assortment of personal development and motivational ebooks that provide a solid foundation from which to learn and grow in your leadership development journey.

We hope you will take time to meet these amazing authors; learn from the content they share - and most importantly, apply what you learn into your personal and professional life.  

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samuel smiles portraitSamuel Smiles

Self-Help (pub. 1859)

Self-Help, published almost a century and a half ago, is known as "The Bible of mid-Victorian Liberalism".  

After publishing houses rejected his book, Smiles decided to self-publish in order to maintain the full rights.  

In the first month the book sold 20,000 copies - and almost overnight Smiles gained celebrity status for his work. By the time he died, over 250,000 copies had been purchased, making Smiles a wealthy man.

Smiles had no idea how Self-Help would continue to spark the latent energies of men and women for over the past century and a half.  In fact, he is in large part the reason we know the name - Orison Swett Marden.

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orison swett marden portraitOrison Swett Marden

Pushing To The Front (pub. 1894)

As told in Chapter Nine of The Life Story of Orison Swett Marden, young Marden was playing in an attic when he discovered the book Self-Help by Samuel Smiles.

Marden was so inspired by Smiles' teachings that we went on two earn degrees in both law and medicine.  He later experienced great success in the Hotel industry before finally deciding to follow his true passion of becoming a successful writer.

While Pushing To The Front was his first and most famous book, Marden went on to become one of the most prolific writers of his time. Orison Marden books continue to be in high demand by collectors and self improvement enthusiasts.  

Marden is known as "The father of the American success movement".  

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russell cronwell portraitRussell H. Cronwell

Acres of Diamonds (pub. 1890)

Cronwell, after serving in Union Army during the Civil War, became an American Baptist minister in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

He is known as an accomplished speaker, philanthropist and writer. He is most remembered for a lecture he first gave in 1869 during a trip to the Middle East.  This lecture entitled, Acres of Diamonds, wasn't published for another 21 years and was no doubt perfected by that time.

While the story is short, the message is quite powerful.  Acres of Diamonds tells the tale of how there are great opportunities no matter what your circumstance or environment.  If only you will step outside the normal view of things and be resolute in your pursuit of your dream, you can find the shimmering opportunity that no one else can see.

By the time of Cronwell's death he had presented this lecture on over 6,100 occasions.  After he passed on, the proceeds from the book went to a local homeless shelter.

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elbert hubbard portraitElbert Hubbard

A Message To Garcia (pub. 1899)

Hubbard was an American writer, philosopher and artist.  

He is best known for a tiny little book he wrote called, A Message To Garcia.  

The book tackles the never-ending search for employees who will work diligently to the best of their abilities; take pride in their work; speak well of the person and institution that employs them - and to strive to accomplish the task entrusted to him or her without endless questions or calls for assistance.

Not surprisingly, this little book remains wildly popular among employers, but the message is also applauded by those focused on personal development and self improvement.

As stated elsewhere on our website, one of the greatest secrets for climbing the ladder of success is to make your supervisor's job easier.  

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james allen portraitJames Allen

As A Man Thinketh (pub. 1903)

Allen was a British philosopher and writer, and was highly respected in the arena of self-improvement.  

Since the original publishing of As A Man Thinketh, this book has been mass produced selling millions of copies.  However, here you get this motivational ebook free!

The title is based on a bible verse in the Book of Proverbs that says, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."  Which is another way of advising the reader to think good thoughts so that good things can come your way.

Allen teaches, "thoughts become things".  Whatever we are constantly focused on tends to come our way. If we are in constant worry over debt, then our actions will reflect our thoughts and we will attract more debt.

However, if our thoughts are one of becoming a success, we will naturally take actions required for success. Through awareness of the power of thought, we can master our thoughts and create an environment that will allow our dreams to come true. 

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wallace wattles portraitWallace Wattles

The Science Of Getting Rich (pub. 1903)

Are you are a fan of the best selling book and movie, The Secret - which was showcased on The Oprah Winfrey Show back in 2006?

If so, then you'll be interested to learn that the author, Rhonda Byrne, was initially inspired by Wattles' book, The Science Of Getting Rich.

Wattles, a farm boy from Illinois who became a successful American writer, emphasizes the message of "thinking, in a certain way" - meaning that you must become disciplined in mastering your thinking so that your thoughts lead you to the achievement of your goals. 

Although on a personal level Wattles continues to be fairly unknown, this book continues to be reprinted by multiple publishing houses and passages from the book are quoted regularly on websites and other literary works.

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ella wheeler wilcox portraitElla Wheeler Wilcox

Poetical Works of Ella Wheeler Wilcox (pub. 1917)

Wilcox is an American poet born and raised in Wisconsin. By the time she graduated high school, she was recognized as an accomplished Poet.

The Poetical Works of Ella Wheeler Wilcox might be considered an unusual choice for this list of motivational ebooks. However, while poems are an entirely different genre then say Orison Marden books, one should not underestimate the importance of her contribution to the American success movement.

Even if poetry is not of particular interest to you, consider reviewing this amazing collection.  Wilcox's poems are deeply rooted in New Thought and Self-Help teachings.

Wilcox was not considered so much a literary poet as she was a popular poet. Her work connects to readers in a special way - providing hope where there is none; encouraging strength to overcome weakness; exhibiting resilience in the face of challenges - and remaining optimistic when in the grip of fear or sorrow.

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napoleon hillNapoleon Hill

The Laws of Success (1928) & Think and Grow Rich (pub. 1937)

Hill was born in a one room cabin in the hills of Virginia.  His mother died when he was only nine year old.  At the young age of 13, he as known as a "mountain reporter". 

While his earnings were enough to get him into law school, it was not enough to keep him there. He was forced to exit due to lack of money.

In a chance encounter, Hill interviewed Andrew Carnegie. At the time, Carnegie was one of the richest men in America. He convinced Hill to seek out and interview other successful people, document their journey and based on those discoveries create a blueprint for success that anyone can follow.  

Hill interviewed giants in their field such as Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell, Charles M. Schwab, F.W. Woolworth, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, John D. Rockefeller and many more. The result of Hills efforts was The Laws of Success - and later his masterpiece, Think and Grow Rich.

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Think and Grow Rich (The Movie)

One of the best things Napoleon Hill did was make a full length video recording (2hr 13min) of Think and Grow Rich - so without further delay, let's meet the man who's work has inspired millions of people around the world... to begin press play below. 

Think and Grow Rich
The Original Full Length Movie

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Orison Marden Books

Orison Marden books have provided many universal lessons, which we have passed along to our readers throughout our website. 

If you have not read our introduction to Dr. Marden, we invite you do so at OSM - Pushing To The Front

Below we have provided two additional Orison Marden books.  First, The Life Store of Orison Swett Marden, as well as Prospertity - How To Attract It.

After reading about Dr. Marden's early life and the struggles he had to work so hard to conquer, perhaps it will help you to discover and unleash the marvelous power that is most certainly living within you. After hearing his life story and applying his many leadership lessons, readers can develop the confidence to go through life knowing that there are no obstacles that you cannot boldly face and successfully overcome. 

"You can finally break free from whatever it is that is holding you back."

Upon reading Orison Marden books, readers learn that once your ambition is fully fueled; once you decide to take full and complete ownership of your life - nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams.

You will soon find yourself energized with a renewed focus and vigor. You will benefit from greater confidence and clarity regarding your current situation and future goals. You will no longer allow a bad relationship or a poor environment to impact you in negative ways.

Orison Marden books provide the reader with inspiration for making positive changes  in your life. You’ll be astounded at the seismic shift that will occur in your life when you free yourself from using words like "can’t", "but" and "won’t".  

"Orison Marden books have benefited men and women worldwide for over a century."

As Dr. Marden explains in painstaking detail how to take control of your inner power, you will learn how to think in terms of "I must", "I can" and "I will" – the limited landscape that you thought was your future will suddenly blossom with possibilities for wealth, happiness, joy, and good health.

So let's get started by learning more about Dr. Marden, the man. Once you read his amazing story, you'll better understand what motivated him to create a life and a philosphy that has helped and inspired millions of readers to become their better self." 

Orison Marden Books and Chapter Links

While you can receive a free copy of Marden's masterpiece Pushing To The Front after subscribing to our free newsletter, as well as all the above motivational ebooks, we've also provided free copies of two important Orison Marden books below.

The Life Story of Orison Swett Marden, written shortly after Marden's death by his long-time assistant, Margaret Connolly.  Using Marden's own writings, she compiled the stories of his life.  It's a great story that helps you to better understand the man behind over 50 orison marden books. 

Another favorite out of all the Orison Marden books includes, Prosperity - How To Attract It.  This book provide timeless wisdom on the subject of money and wealth.

Orison Marden Books on Audio

Some people just don't have time or don't like to read books, but that does not mean they don't enjoy learning.  Audiobooks are a great alternative. There are several Orison Marden books available free of charge by our friends at  Check out these five Orison Marden books on audio!

No matter how you choose to enjoy Orison Marden books, you owe it to yourself to discover and apply his teachings to your own life.

Classic hard bound books can be purchased and collected at

More Classic Audiobooks

In Summary...

We hope you have enjoyed learning about these historic literary GIANTS as much as we have enjoyed putting this page together.

"Orison Marden books have benefited men and women worldwide for over a century!"

Whether you're a fan of Napoleon Hill, John Allen or Orison Marden books, it's important to understand the overall history of the American Success Movement of the late 1800's and early 1900's.  

We will continue to search for additional Orison Marden books that we can add to the library, as well as introduce additional author worthy of recognition.

Happy reading (or listening)!

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