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Our library of business management articles provide insights on how to begin a new business, manage and improve your existing business, and plan for the future of your business.

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business management articles

Each article provides guidance on a specific business management question for the purpose of assisting our readers.

Reading articles on business management issues will enhance your business knowledge and supports your your leadership effectiveness and professional growth. Effective leaders are always searching to increase their knowledge so they can lead their team to new heights. 

Our collection of articles on business management cover a variety of topics that will assist business owners - whether you are starting a new business or working to take an existing business to the next level of productivity and profitability.

The ideas you receive by reading quality business management articles can make all the difference between the success or failure of your business. As changes occur in your industry, it's imperative that you stay on top of market issues so you can be proactive at keeping your business on the cutting edge. 

Our goal is to provide you with valuable insights on business management topics, which you can use to further develop and improve your skill-set.

If there is a business management topic you are interested in learning more about, but do not see it covered here, please let us know

Collection of Business Management Articles

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General Business Management Advice

» Get Advice From The Experts Before Starting A New Business
Good business advice is priceless, and surprisingly not that hard to come by. Receive advice starting a small business no matter how big or small.

» Find Your Market Niche
Finding your market niche is key to the success of your business. Identify your passion or special interest. Discover what a market niche is and begin to identify the opportunities that are right for you.

» Identify Your Calling - Take Our Small Business Idea Assessment
The next best small business idea is just around the corner, and perhaps staring you right in the face. Complete this assessment to identify your calling.

» Unique Business Idea - How To Turn Your Passion Into Profit!
A unique business idea can be worth millions. Read the story of one aspiring business owner who discovered the business idea that was just right for her. Learn how to find yours!

» How To Stay Informed and Manage Information 
Given the information age we live in you need an information management system that works. Start developing a plan that brings your business out of the shadows.

» Employees vs. Contractors
Understand the pros and cons of hiring an employee versus hiring an independent contractor. Both options provide advantages and disadvantages to the worker and the employer.

» How To Maximize Your Meeting Time
Despite the tedious nature of planning business meeting agendas, the benefits of investing quality time up front far outweighs the natural tendency to simply show up on time and “wing it”. Plan ahead and keep your team moving forward. 

Business Writing / Correspondence

» How To Write Effective Job Descriptions
Writing job descriptions is important for setting expectations with staff. Discover the key areas of an employee's job or position. Learn to set clear expectations from day one.

» Writing An Application Letter 
Always take the time necessary to write a professional looking business application letter. As one of many applicants seeking a key position, you must make sure that your application letter stands out above the rest and impresses the hiring manager.

Business Resources / Networking

» Work From Home and Make Money Doing What You Love
Discover Solo Build-It! (SBI), the all-in-one online website building tool that enables you to create a successful online business in your spare hours. Perfect for the stay-at-home mom or dad, student or retiree. This is the same tool we use at

» Small Business Associations and Partnerships
Discover key networking opportunities. Overcome your learning curve more quickly and ensure the safety and security of your business. Don’t miss important business management articles like this to ensure you establish the right type of business that works for you.

General Business Management Articles / Financial Information

» Money Saving Tip Sheet 
Choose your business wisely. Utilize our money saving tip sheet to ensure you invest in the right business at the right time.

» Planning For The Future - Yours and Your Employees
Business owners too frequently put off implementing an employee retirement planning program. Retirement planning must not be delayed for employees and owners alike. 

» Projecting Cash Flow is Key to a Stable Business
Learn why projecting cash flow is critical for avoiding future financial trouble for your business. The process of projecting cash inflows and outflows is a highly valuable process that all business owners should understand.

» The Truth About Small Business Grant Money 
Small business grant money does exist for many types of business project requests. Sources of grant money vary widely, with very specific requirements. Learn about the pros and cons of grant money for businesses.

» Small Business Funding Options and Resources
Small business funding often sounds like something totally out of reach. Business management articles like this one help aspiring business owners identify over 4,000 funding options. 

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