Planning Business Meeting Agendas

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Planning business meeting agendas is not something typically at the top of every business leaders' list of “can’t wait to-do’s”. Avoid the natural tendency to simply show up and "wing-it".

Despite the tedious nature of planning a highly productive business meeting, the benefits of investing some quality planning time up front, will far outweigh the costs of not making the effort.

Planning business meeting agendas provides an opportunity to clearly define the objectives of the meeting. A good leader will, in effect, pre-determine the outcome of the meeting through proper planning.

The many benefits of effectively planning business meeting activities include:

  • Pre-positions participants for the day’s activities – provide notice in advance of the meeting as to what will be expected, encouraging attendees to come prepared to learn and participate.
  • Keeps meeting moving along to stay on track - clearly defining start and stop times provides boundaries for guest speakers and activities. Always make sure someone is watching the clock and letting the speaker know when their time is coming to a close.

    Typically a 5 minute reminder to the speaker will allow enough time for the speaker to wrap up their thought and close their section of the agenda.

  • Provides written record of key objectives and areas of focus - allocating formal time to a subject communicates to the audience that this topic is important to you, important to the business, and therefore worthy of their time and attention.
  • Creates a tool for timely follow-up - taking notes to include the expectations set and commitments made by each participant during the meeting, is very useful in follow-up discussions.

    Your business meeting agenda, complete with your meeting notes from the day, is a great way for leaders to hold team members accountable and keep the entire team focused on what everyone agreed to accomplish.

In addition to the above benefits to planning business meeting agendas, leaders who properly plan also provide team members with outstanding opportunities to:

  1. Build rapport with co-workers during breaks and other social settings.
  2. Brainstorm and identify solutions to common barriers.
  3. Share best practices for increased professional development by establishing a mutual exchange of ideas and personal experience.
  4. Increase job satisfaction. Networking is the first step toward building lasting professional relationships within the organization.

There are many free business meeting agenda templates, which are available on the Internet. A quick search of the keyword 'free meeting agenda template' should provide you with many solid choices.

We encourage you to take time to identify your most important, high-leverage, activities that your team needs to be managed on. Make these items "standard" agenda topics, and build your business meeting around these topics for increased focus, performance and improved profitability.

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