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Our free Team Building At Work guide provides fun and memorable activities that leaders can begin immediately.  Team Building At Work is the name of our free eBook, which is a compilation of the page links provided below. Try one out at your next staff meeting. 

team building at work

Having motivated people is essential to growing a great business. Great leaders are constantly on the lookout for quality team building ideas and tools that will assist them in bringing their team members together to support building strong relationships and a positive work environment.

Effective teamwork is critical for every successful organization.  Having team members that  trust, respect and support each other helps to ensure quality results.

To assist leaders in achieving this goal, we’ve created an effective activity guide that leaders can use to help keep their meetings fun and positive. These activities help promote meaningful discussion on a wide range of leadership related topics. 

Too often leaders don't take the time to ensure their people are connecting. Don't make this mistake!  If your people aren't connecting, then odds are very high that you are also not connecting with your team, and that would be a major mistake.  You might even call it, "leadership malpractice".

"Getting the 'People Equation' right is the hardest thing you will ever do in business."

- Logan Loomis

Team building is good for everyone - leader included!  Leaders need to lead their people - not just to higher results, but also to a higher frame of mind. Your team members want to feel part of something special.  Going to work is not nearly as much fun or productive as "enjoying your work".

As the leader, you have the opportunity every day to let your people know how much you value them. One of the many ways you can demonstrate this is by taking the time to get to know them, and encouraging them to have strong relationships with each other.

Before we introduce you to the actual free Team Building At Work tool, let’s first review a few common tips that leaders should keep in mind each time they prepare for their next important team meeting.

Team Meeting Preparation Tips

A highly effective team proves itself each and every day. Teams that run on continuous highs and lows typically are not made up of individuals with a high degree of pride in themselves or their company. 

High functioning teams posses a spirit and an enthusiasm that can be seen and heard on an ongoing basis.

It’s obvious to anyone paying attention when a team is fully engaged. Everyone deserves a work environment where people are squarely focused on doing their part to take care of customers and ensure the success of the overall team.

If you aren’t getting the results you desire from your team, then perhaps your team is not connected in a way that promotes a commitment to teamwork.

Use our Team Building At Work tool for some fresh team building ideas and learn how you can get your people more engaged and working together effectively.

Open Communication

In today’s high paced work environment, leaders must make time to keep the channels of communication open at all times. A team that does not feel empowered to speak up will eventually shut down.

Many of the exercises provided focus on bringing out each team member’s personality and encourages them to share and learn more about one another in an effort to get people talking. 

These team building exercises are key to building trust and rapport, which must be present in order for people to communication openly and honestly.

Have Fun, But Keep It Professional

Although we want to encourage our team members to connect personally, we still must maintain a professional work environment at all times. Leaders should never confuse having fun with having a free pass to act unprofessionally.

Your team can and should be having fun at work. People should simply keep in mind that they are there for a specific purpose and the main goal is to achieve results for the team and for the organization.  As I often say my kids, "Have fun, but don't be the fun."

Many of the activities provided in our Team Building At Work tool, provide creative and effective ways for leaders to promote fun in the workplace, while at the same time maintaining a professional discipline that is so important.

No One Gets To Opt-Out

Once you choose a particular team building exercise, pay close attention to your individual team members during each team building activity.  Almost every team has at least one person who wants to sit back and observe. He (or she) is the person that you need to convince to get engaged.  

As the leader, your job is to set the example. You are the one that gets to say what an acceptable level of interaction and participation is, or is not.

Use these team building activities to send a powerful message to all staff that you expect them to WORK at teamwork. No different than how we all must work at maintaining and growing our personal relationships, we must also work at how we interact with others in the workplace.

Our efforts in this area clearly show how much we value our team members. Anyone not making an effort, may not be in the right place. Ultimately it’s a choice that each team member must make, or you must make for them. As the leader, you need to be the catalyst for each person making that clear choice. Are they committed to the success of the team or not?

The bottom line is that if any individual is not making a clear commitment to the team, then he or she is standing in the way of the team achieving maximum results.

"The person who comes up with a means for doing or producing almost anything better, faster, or more economically has his future and fortune at his fingertips."

- J. Paul Getty

What Is The Team Building At Work Tool?

So what exactly is this free team building tool?

Answer: Team Building At Work, our free eBook, provides team building exercises and activities that you can easily implement at your next staff meeting. By referencing this guide each time you have an important meeting, you will save valuable time as you work to ensure that your meeting is fun, engaging and meaningful to your team.

Activities focus on a variety of benefits gained, which are listed below. Each benefit has it's own page. 

Read about each benefit and print out the specific activities that interest you, or you can download the free eBook once, and have all 40 team building activities in one collective package. All team building activities and exercises have been compiled into a single PDF file for your convenience.

Here is a quick list of all the many benefits you receive from effective team building at work:

»  ACCOUNTABILITY -  Use these team building ideas to show team members that they are accountable for continuous and never-ending self improvement. Also, increase personal awareness of how each team member can positively or negatively influence the work environment.

» COMMITMENT - Help your team clarify what they want to become known for and create a team slogan or battle-cry. Raise the awareness of your team members regarding their personal commitment to the teams success.

» COMMUNICATION - Teach team members that they control their outcome by how they choose to view the world. Encourage team building at work by using effective ice breaker ideas that promote relationship building and communication to help connect team members.

» CREATIVITY - Use these free team building activities to lead your team to think more creatively. Assist your employees in capturing their creative ideas and not losing the opportunity to make a real difference in the long-term success of the team.

» CUSTOMER SERVICE - Increase awareness on the importance of living up to your Customer Service standards. Team building exercise to coach associates to minimize and quickly resolve customer issues through top-notch customer service. 

» ENTHUSIASM - Free team building activities that work to re-energize employees and provide fun solutions to team issues. Raise confidence among your staff and help promote a sense of teamwork.

» EXPECTATIONS - This teamwork activity is a great way to clarify for your team what your expectations are. Show team members exactly what it is that you are looking for as they work with each other and as they serve their customers.

» FUN - Use a unique team building activity to engage employees and infuse fun into the workplace. Team Building At Work exercises provide fun and entertaining ways to engage employees and effective reward and recognize top performers.

» GOAL SETTING - Team building activities that ensure the ultimate outcome of any project. Identify the smallest details of a project in order to ensure maximum positive impact to the organization.

» LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT - Teach team members the important life lesson of choosing to respond to adversity rather than simply reacting to it. Encourage team members to educate their clients rather than accepting "No" for an answer.

» NETWORKING - Teach team members the importance of learning more about the people that they interact with; learn more about those they meet and to recognize common areas of interest that build stronger relationships.  

» PROBLEM SOLVING - Encourage team members to take time to effectively problem solve by creating win-win solutions to important challenges. Thinking outside the box for greater benefits creates added value for all parties. 

» PROFESSIONALISM - Teamwork lessons that provide life skills to elevate professionalism in the work environment. Teach team members the importance of keeping a professional distance between personal and workplace issues.

» PROFITABILITY - A team building idea to create questions to assist your team with identifying sales opportunities. Teach your team the power of asking qualifying questions in order to properly recommend products and services to their clients.

» PURPOSE and PRIDE - Lead your team through one of our most applauded team building exercises. Get your team to visualize themselves as a lean and mean TEAM-machine!  A team working together, maximizing their talents and achieving outstanding results.

» RESULTS & PERFORMANCE - Get your people to perceive challenges more positively as perception often dictates reality. Help your team members identify their limiting beliefs and feelings to improve bottom-line results.

» RETENTION - Fun team building exercises to improve employee satisfaction and increase retention of high-value team members. Encourage your employees to take time to appreciate what they've accomplished and also to take the time to plan for their future.

» RISK TAKING - Use our team building ideas to identify and overcome the obstacles and objections before they happen in an effort to minimize risk and increase sales results.

» TACT & DIPLOMACY - Use these free team building exercise tools to teach team members how to become more adept at mastering key skills. Coach your team about the power of suggestion and the importance of the choosing the words they use for a positive outcome. 

» TRUST & RAPPORT - Use this team building at work lesson plan as a blue print for building a stronger and more creative team. Build trust and rapport among your team by clearly communicating the importance of Leadership, Teamwork and Customer Service.

To get started, simply read each page link listed above, or you can access a free ebook version of the Team Building At Work tool by following the instructions below.

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