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Team Member Retention

Free team building exercise example tool for increased team member retention introduction:

"People don't quit companies, they quit their supervisor.
Employee retention is key to your team's success!”

Leaders must always remember to take a balanced approach to the expectations we set.

While this is certainly true when dealing with professional issues, it is especially true in terms of how we encourage our team to lead their personal lives.

"You can't truly be successful in your business life if your home life is in a wreck."

As the leader of a team, you must always remember that your team takes their cue from you. If you are showing up late and leaving early, understand that they will do the same.

If you are not maintaining a healthy balance between work and home, you are probably leading a work environment that makes it difficult for your team members to manage a proper balance also.

"You are here to enrich the world,
and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand.""

- Woodrow Wilson

Read each team building exercise example and learn to teach your team about what's truly important in life.

Leadership involves teaching your people about the bigger picture; about how to properly respond to life's challenges and how to recognize how to make good quality choices in their lives.

Team Building Exercise Example for Team Retention

Momentum for Explosive Growth

Purpose of this activity: The following is a terrific team building exercise example on the importance and the success generated by momentum.

Explanation: Most folks know that once you gain and experience momentum toward reaching a goal, the outcome seems inevitable. The process quickly becomes more fun, and life in general seems a bit more rewarding.

This little team building exercise example will help you illustrate to your team the power of momentum. You will more easily gain buy-in to the notion that your team can achieve much more together than any one can achieve individually. Here is the exercise:

Take four(4) large wine bottles filled with liquid (water). Identify two(2) team members and have them compete to find out who can pour out the entire contents of their bottle the fastest. When finished, ask the team to discuss ways to increase the effectiveness of pouring out the contents more quickly.

Then with the two remaining bottles, have another volunteer pour against you. Your volunteer can try out the best idea that was created by their team.

Before you start pouring your bottle, first quickly swirl the liquid in your bottle and you will find that with MOMENTUM, your bottle will pour the liquid out twice as fast as the one without momentum.

As you work with your individual team members, make certain that you apply this lesson in your discussions with them about creating momentum in their career planning. This is a great way to create loyalty, employee satisfaction and team member retention.

Life Goal Planning

Purpose of this activity: A fun team building exercise example that leaders can use in their meetings to retain team members. Encourage your employees to take time to appreciate what they've accomplished and also to take the time to plan for their future.

Explanation: Leaders provide insightful wisdom to their team by encouraging them to take a step back to re-assess their own reality. It's too easy to forget to take stock in what the team has achieved or to take the time to feel good about those important accomplishments.

"All the money in the world by itself will never make you happy, it is the successful balance of personal achievements and quality relationships that seem to do the trick."

We don't always remember how important it is to occasionally stop what we're doing for a moment and just "be grateful" for all that we have, all those whom we love, and for all that the future holds.

As most of us come to work each day, we sit down and plan our day. We then set out to complete and check off our to-do lists. However, how often do we sit down and purposefully plan our work, let alone our life?

Leaders can remind their team members to ask the following three questions to ensure they fully leverage their time and resources.

  1. What is the business outcome(s) that I must achieve in order for this day/month/year to be successful and fulfilling?
  2. Why is this goal important to me?
  3. What specific steps must I take in order to achieve the outcome(s)?

Now ask your team members to apply the preceding questions to each of the following LIFE categories:

  • Family
  • Financial
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Emotional
  • Professional

By going through the above team building exercise example, you will no doubt realize how well you are currently "owning your own outcomes".

Be fair to yourself, and ensure you lead a healthy and well-balanced life.

Moral to the story: Take the time to plan your life, not just your day.

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"Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and farther when the wheels are in perfect alignment, you perform better when your thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals, and values are in balance."

- Brian Tracy

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