Life Balance - Success Wheel

Achieving Life Balance is a common goal. As we grow older and life gets busier with family, work and community commitments it's not surprising so many people wake up on day realizing that their life is not balanced and they decide that something has to change.

life balance success wheel

Understanding that change needs to take place in certain areas of your life is the first step toward a more balanced and successful tomorrow.

So what's the second step? What exactly should you do next? 

You need a simple tool that will help you to identify the most important areas of your life and clearly measure how effective you are in each key category.

Only once you go through that process can you begin the to identify how to address the problem areas in an effort to create a more well-rounded life experience. 

Our free tool, the Life Balance - Success Wheel, has been designed to do just that. Sections of the wheel represent your most important life categories. By measuring your collective life categories on the success wheel, you'll create a visual that depicts how balanced your life is.

"Take time to self-assess, then make time to self-improve.”

By taking just a few thoughtful moments to rate your level of satisfaction with each life category, you can quickly recognize areas that are going well, and also areas of your life that require additional focus.

Your ability to get clear on the direction your life is moving is critical to achieving your future goals.

Concentrating your energy on what really matters most instead of  allowing yourself to be unwittingly detoured by outside events, is an important life skill.

Your ability to develop this skill come with a heightened awareness. You simply need to recognize how you rate in each of your life categories so that you can get on with the business of creating a more balanced life. 

3 Simple Steps To A More Balanced Life

Our simple process provides you with more than a balanced lifestyle tool, it teaches you an important life management skill that can be used multiple times throughout your life.

As a leader, or someone who aspires to be a leader, your first goal should be to effectively lead yourself. You must set an example for others by leading a well-balanced, happy and successful lifestyle.  Otherwise, anyone who is paying attention won't have any reason to follow you.

Here are the steps required in our Life Balance - Success Wheel exercise:

life balance
Life Balance - Success Wheel
  1. First, confirm your life categories. Take time to really think through what your value in life, and what you aspire to achieve. For most people there are six common life categories, which we've included on this diagram.  Feel free to change the titles is your prefer.
  2. Next, explain why you believe each category is important to you for a well balanced and fulfilling life. You need to write a novel here, just a couple brief sentences will do. Explaining the importance of each category to yourself will help to confirm your choices.
  3. On a scale of 1-10 rate yourself on the level of success you feel in each life category. (1-2 = Least Satisfied; 3-4 = Somewhat Satisfied;  5-6 = Pretty Satisfied, 6-8 = Really Satisfied; 9-10 = Extremely Satisfied) 
  4. Plot the above ratings to the Life Balance - Succes Wheel.  Color in toward the center of the wheel.  Once all sections are colored in - you will see the current status of your success wheel.  
  5. After viewing your shaded success wheel, determine what you need to do in order to “round out” your wheel?  What must you change about yourself, your environment, your daily activities? Ask yourself what you must commit to right now that will generate improved results, and will aid you in “rounding out” your Life Balance -Success Wheel?

If some areas of your life are ranked high, and others are ranked low, your success wheel will reflect a very bumpy ride.  

On the other hand, if your life category ratings are fairly similar, then your success wheel will appear more round, meaning life is going fairly smoothly.  The goal is to work on these important areas of your life and to create a broader, more well-rounded life experience.

"Leadership is learning by doing, adapting to actual situations. Leaders are constantly learning from their errors and failures."

- Claude Meyer

Next Steps for Life Balance Goal Setting

The Life Balance - Success Wheel is a great tool that quickly identifies your most important categories of your life and helps you to see how effective you are in each area.

Once you've completed this exercise, it's important to recognize that this exercise should be repeated at least annually.  Consider this a self-check to ensure that you continue to affirm your life categories and that you are continuing to invest the appropriate time and effort to maintain your desired level of satisfaction.  

"To learn, grow and improve yourself, you must be willing to accept that there are things today you are not doing well."

Throughout your life, understand that change is a process, it is not a single event. In other words, completing this exercise today is truly just the beginning. You will find it very interesting to compare your rating from one year to the next and see how differently you rate yourself as things change in your life.

Every time you use the tool, the Life Balance - Success Wheel will assist you in recognizing any problem areas. It's kind of like cleaning the attic - if you don't go up there, you forget what's in it.  Don't lose focus on what's most important in your life.

Completing this simple life assessment process on a regular basis will go a long way toward improving the quality of your life experience. 

It's a very simple process to complete, so don't wait - get started today. 

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