Leadership Games Tool: Jeopardy

Do you like playing leadership games? If you're like most people, you enjoy the challenge of engaging in a game that tests your mental, and sometimes physical, skills and talents.

"Promote fun and creativity in your workplace!”

Children instinctually play games. In fact, if none are provided, they will quickly make up their own games to play. But for some unknown reason, as we grow up we tend to play less and less.

Must have something to do with needing to pay a mortgage and raise our kids, right?

"I'll take Leadership and Team Building for 500 Alex!"

However, most of us when asked, would admit that we wished we had more time to play, but between our duties on the job and at home, there is so little time.

As a leader of a team or organization you have the unique ability to provide your team members with the opportunity to play leadership games that are fun, while still maintaining their focus on work related matters.

Take product knowledge as an example. Virtually all business units have a continual need to enhance the product knowledge of their team members. The more they know their products, the more effective they can be at selling the product to others.

Leadership games like Jeopardy.

Why not take the opportunity in your next staff meeting to introduce leadership games around product knowledge? (You will be amazed at how much better your team members will retain the information discussed during this activity!)

Sounds simple enough, right? But too often managers just don’t seem to find the time to create the game, determine the prizes for the winners, or invest enough time to determine what game they want to play.

Yes, it’s that old “lack of time” excuse again.

Well that’s where we come in. Leadership-Tools.com is proud to announce a new tool based on the highly popular game show – Jeopardy.

Members of our free newsletter have immediate access to this free tool. The game is also available as a customizable Excel file that you can use in your staff meetings. It’s fun - it’s easy - so easy in fact that you’ll use it over and over again for years to come.

Try it out! As a leader, it’s time to Get In The Game.

You can quickly download a PDF file containing our free Jeopardy Game tool, courtesy of Leadership-Tools.com.

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