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Welcome! Our leadership tools and resources will assist you in becoming a more effective leader.

Leadership development tools and resource materials are essential for leaders at all levels of development.

We work to help you and/or your team members continue to develop skills and knowledge on the subject of leadership.

Check out our free tools.

Successful business leaders aren't interested in warm and fuzzy, abstract 'theories' about leadership and management.

Effective leadership training tools that help to improve communication, motivation and bottom-line results are what makes a real and positive impact in the workplace.

We are devoted to researching, creating and delivering high quality leadership training and development tools in five strategic categories:

  • Business Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Sales Management
  • Customer Service
  • Team Building

At we are committed to providing high quality, ready-to-use tools and resources that focus on positively influencing you and your team - for maximum results.

A leader's ability to positively influence people to take actions required to realize a goal or objective, is critical to the success of your team and business.

To be clear, 'influencing' is not about hammering an employee over the head to complete a specific task. What we are talking about is constructively influencing, which is only achieved by utilizing proven and effective leadership training tools and resources.

Great leaders know how to use motivational tools to influence their team to "want" to do what is necessary to ensure a positive outcome.

Our Mission:

To provide readers with high-value free leadership tools. There is simply no reason why a small business owner or manager should pay hundreds of dollars for effective management tools and resources. Take a moment to browse our site. We believe you'll be pleasantly surprised.  

Richard Gorham

We are committed to providing a variety of leadership development tools that create added-value for you and your team.

Examples of our free executive tools include: leadership lesson plans, motivational quotes, leadership articles, customer surveys, checklists, sales meeting agendas, team building activities, sales management workshops, coaching forms, 3rd party resources, and more.

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 Expert Spotlight

Meet Brian Griffith, Ph.D. former director of Human and Organizational Development at Vanderbilt University.

Brian Griffith

Brian is the creator of 360 Pulse Surveys, which provides actionable feedback on how you can improve your leadership effectiveness.  Learn how you can use Pulse Surveys for free!

Check Out Our Most Popular Leadership Tools!
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compensation valuation


Learn the true value of your compensation package.

performance review


6-part series and performance appraisal template.

management development


Analyze training needs for leaders in your company.

goal setting


Download a complete goal setting instruction guide.

leadership games


Lead your team in playing games that are instructive and fun.

leadership quotes


Inspirational quotes for effective

leadership ecards


Send meaningful messages to recognize your people.

leadership poems


Thoughtful insights to inspire hearts and minds.

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Enhance Your Leadership Skills

Whenever we identify a new management tool that provides a great solution to a common problem, we'll add it to the website and notify you via our daily Blog and/or The Leadership Tools Newsletter.

Leaders know the importance of continuing an on-going journey of leadership skills development.

The best leaders are constantly seeking to grow in their leadership knowledge and improve their skill-set. Executive leadership coaching is beneficial at all levels of management. Leaders who do not continue to actively utilize new leadership tools and resources, soon find themselves trailing behind their competitors.

Don't get left behind. See what has to offer and add these valuable, results-focused leadership development and assessment tools to your growing leadership library.

"All leadership is influence."

- John C. Maxwell

Here's What Our Readers Are Saying

"It was a pleasant discovery today, finding your website. Self-awareness and personal transformation has become a passion of mine since the mid-90's, and appears to contain a lot more "tools" for my journey. Thank you!"

- Tom Masters

"Within the short time that I have interacted with this site, I have been inspired. I was looking for leadership tools without success, but now I believe I have come to the right place. Thank you!"

- Messiah Ramaeba

"Excellent! This is a very comprehensive site that will enlighten your mind with the knowledge of leadership!"

- Mark Atchison

"I am a new supervisor and I am so happy to have this resource to become a better leader.

- Brenda McKing

"I am such an inspired student of Orison S. Marden since stumbling across his works a couple months ago. Now having discovered your series: "A Leadership Series for Successful Living", based on some of Marden's treasured works, I have here something quite great. For that my friend, I sincerely Thank you."

- Rick Peterson

"Anything related to leadership I needed I just found in this site. The tools and all the benefits are really helpful and for different levels. Thanks for providing the reader what we expected!

- Honey Obando

"I can't be more satisfied with the leadership tools and resources on this website. They are so insightful,very educational, highly informative and most of all motivational. I recommend this site to all. Keep it up."

- Chayce Ademola

"We are lacking in leadership in America today, and this site is an example of the kind of leadership qualities we need to instill in our young people."

- Robert Hackney

"I have just started reading your site and I can already see useful resources.  I appreciate the opportunity this site might afford me. Thanks for the information."

- Wendy Bland

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