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Team Expectations

p>Teamwork activity must be an ongoing priority. The same is true for setting and enforcing team expectations with your team members. The more difficult discussions a leader has with his team members, the less number of difficult discussions will be necessary.

"When you embrace responsibility
you become a far stronger person in heart and mind.”

If you are quick to address non-performance or behavioral issues with your employees; and you maintain consistent accountability – your employees will have no doubt that you mean what you say and that you will not hesitate to hold them responsible for their actions.

"Your time is spent wisely when you invest time to communicate and clarify your expectations with your staff."

Since nobody wishes to be called into the bosses office for a reprimand, they are more careful to meet the expectations of their job when they know the boss will hold them accountable.

Enforcing expectations is not a scare tactic. Leaders should always communicate a balanced message of being firm in their expectations, while remaining supportive to the employee. Business is business, and the fact is that it’s called “work” because you expect people to, well - WORK!

Teamwork Activity & Exercises On Expectations

Expect the Best

Purpose of this activity: To illustrate and clarify for your team what your expectations are. To show team members exactly what it is that you are looking for as they work with each other and as they serve their customers.

Explanation: The leader is responsible for continually inspecting and measuring job performance. This effective teamwork activity will assist you in completing the task in a fun and creative way.

At your next team meeting, have your team make a list of the top 5 or 10 key activities of their job. Ask each team member to pair up.

Over the next week, it will be your expectation that each team member will complete a picture collage of their partner, with proof in pictures of the employee meeting the expectations of his or her job.

"Be clear! Everyone gets to participate. No one enjoys the luxury of opting out! We will all win together."

At the next staff meeting, each employee will make their presentation to you and the team, highlighting their partner employee as they are “caught in the act” of delivering quality customer service, supporting other team members and working creativity to improve production and improve efficiencies.

Even more importantly, have each presenter talk about the impact of the activities highlighted. In other words, share the results!

This teamwork activity is a great way for you to add energy to the workplace and delegate some responsibility of recognizing employees to other team members. It also cements in the mind of each employee that you expect them to focus on the primary activities they are paid to perform.

No More Secret Identify

Purpose of this activity: To clarify expectations of the team and to assist team members in understanding the value they bring to their customers and to the organization.

Explanation: As a group, work with your team to make a list of the Key Value Point and/or Benefits that they bring to their Customers and to the Company.

First, focus on the Customer and have your team clarify What We Provide? For example:

  • The service or product that is sold
  • A commitment to quality and customer service
  • A strong sense of ownership to make things right
  • Quality relationship building through regular contact

Next, still focusing on the Customer, ask your team to clarify their expecations of How We Perform? For example:

  • Warm smiles and eye contact
  • Using the customer’s name during each interaction
  • Always thank the customer for their business and let them know you value their relationship
  • Ask customers what you can do better to serve them – gaining competitive feedback

This teamwork activity is simple and it can be highly effective as you debrief with each employee. Ask them how they thought they are doing in carrying out their main responsibilities. Praise them on what they are doing very well and provide constructive feedback in areas that can be improved.

Lastly, create an action plan to address any areas of concern and schedule a date to meet again for coaching.

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"You will find men who want to be carried on the shoulders of others, who think that the world owes them a living. They don’t seem to see that we must all lift together and pull together."

- Henry Ford

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