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Customer Service Excellence

Free team building exercises for customer service excellence introduction:

"SERVICE is, without a doubt, the one key element
that is completely within your control.”

How we treat our customers and the overall experience that the customer receives will ultimately dictate our success or failure.

Not only is the quality of our service within our own control, it’s also a fact that SERVICE is the one thing that can and will set us apart from our competition – for better or for worse.

"It’s safe to say that whoever wins the service game, will win the broader race within their industry."

Identifying and retaining team members, who possess natural people skills and an instinct for serving others, will remain an ongoing challenge to any organization.

Leaders must recognize that the Golden Rules of Service consist of the same Golden Rule we all heard as a child. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Always treat people the way you want to be treated. If someone in your organization makes a mistake, empower your people to go out of their way to make it right for the customer. The rewards your company will realize through increased customer retention and referrals will far outweigh any cost involved in absorbing the cost of the error.

Free Team Building Exercises: Customer Service Excellence

Play-It Backward, Flip-It Forward

Purpose of this activity: Increase awareness on the importance of living up to your Customer Service standards. Clearly communicate what customer service activities are expected from all staff.

Explanation: This is one of our most simple, yet highly effective, free team building exercises. By asking employees what they can do to get the opposite result that you wish to achieve, you force them to look at a commons situation very differently.

Leaders can quickly engage team members in a discussion asking the following two questions:

  1. What can we do today to make certain that our first customer closes his account today?
  2. What can we do today to make certain that we obtain zero sales today?

Although your team may mistakenly assume you’ve gone mad. Remain serious in your quest for logical and realistic answers to each question.

Write all the responses on a flip chart so you can refer to them later.

Next, make a point of recognizing that at times your organization may very well have been guilty of some of the errors listed. Make another point of telling your employees that many of your competitors are currently and will continue to make some of these same mistakes, which will cost them loyal customers.

Next, it’s time to turn all those negative practices into positive opportunities. As you turn each negative action into a positive goal for your team you can state, “Okay, let’s Flip-It Forward.”

Your team has already identified the things that they must NOT do to a customer. It should now be very simple for the team to identify the right things they should be doing in order to retain existing customers, as well as attract new customers.

As a team, identify your top 3-5 goals and create specific ways for measuring your success. Goals should be written clearly – stating how much, of what, by when, by whom – for each goal.

Service for Results

Purpose of this activity: Teach your team the direct correlation between their ability to minimize and quickly resolve customer issues through top-notch customer service, and the organizations ability to grow and maximize profits.

Explanation: Smart leaders understand that RESULTS are the one main reason for constantly measuring and improving customer service standards.

The results produced by your team will be directly impacted, positively or negatively, by how well the front line employees are treating their customers.

"People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”
- Zig Ziglar

These free team building exercises provide an easy way for leaders to impress upon their employees that above all else, their focus can never be taken away from what the customer is actually experiencing.

In your next team meeting, ask your team to identify 3 ways that they can show their customer how much they care and appreciate their business, which will set them apart from your competitors.

As a team, identify 3 things that employees can do to show the customer how much they care about:

  • The Customer
  • The Department or Team
  • Their Job
  • The Company

Create key phrases that team members can work in to their customer service interactions. After seeing and hearing how engaged your employees are, your customers will feel an increased sense of gratitude and appreciation for your organization and for your employees.

As employees continue to have positive interactions with their customers, they will begin to realize they really mean what they are saying and they will feel a renewed sense of dedication to the customer and the organization.

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