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Teamwork & Enthusiasm

Free team building activities for improved enthusiasm in the workplace provide leaders with real tools and work!

"Enthusiasm, pure and simple, should be one of the most highly prized traits of your team members.”

Any team member who is enthusiastic about his or her role provides a spark to the entire team to do more; to accomplish more; to become better.

"Enthusiasm is contagious and you want to be a carrier!"

Energy and enthusiasm provides life to an otherwise lifeless team. We all need our spirits lifted from time to time. So it makes perfect sense to assume that your team mates need to be taken away from their routine every once in a while in order to rejuvenate and re-fuel themselves.

The great Oliver Wendell Holmes once said that "It's faith in something and enthusiasm for something that makes life worth living." That quote is so true, and as a leader you must do your utmost to assist the members of your team to realize that their individual role is something they can get excited about.

These free team building activities will assist you in helping your team to replenish their energy reserves.

Free Team Building Activities: Teamwork & Enthusiasm

Reflect the Positive

Purpose of this activity: To re-energize employees and provide fun solutions to team issues.

Explanation: Leaders must constantly be looking for ways to re-fresh and re-new the spirit of the workplace. Providing fun and creative ideas, through free team building activities, is most helpful when a team is experiencing a low point.

The key to this exercise is getting your employees to see themselves differently. You can utilize a variety of props to help you quickly accomplish this.

For example, provide each team member with big circus sun glasses and have them attach big smiley face stickers on the front of the glasses. Don’t have any glasses, you say? No problem, just have them stick the stickers right on their forehead.

Yes, seriously, it’s no big deal. It won’t leave a scar and the whole idea here is to have some fun, so go for it, okay?

Anytime you feel the room becoming too serious, slap a smiley face sticker on your forehead and remind folks that “Our future is only getting brighter.”

Yes, your team will probably think you are nuts. BUT THEN YOU TELL THEM HOW THEY CAN EARN THEIR STICKER OFF THEIR FOREHEAD. Ah, now everyone’s listening.

Instruct your team that every few minutes you will call on a team member and that person will have an opportunity to make a witty comment or joke about the “smiley face” and then they can remove their sticker.

With the glasses and the sticker in place, direct your team to tackle the important task or issue at hand. Enjoy the laughs and the team building aspect of the exercise.

Write down all the funny statements. After everyone has earned their sticker off, take a vote for the best comments, award prizes and have fun.

NOTE: If you do not like the above activity, simply take the spirit of what you are reading and create your own activity - be creative and do whatever it is that you think will be well received. Afterall, not all of our free team building activities work for everyone and we realize you know yourself and your group members better that we do. Good luck!.

Bits O’Honey

Purpose of this activity: To support and maintain a positive, energetic working environment among all staff members. To raise confidence amoung the staff and help promote a sense of teamwork.

Explanation: Everyone likes to be recognized and appreciated. To some extent they even expect that it’s the supervisor's job to do that on a fairly regular basis.

However, sometimes the boss can provide the opportunity for other team members to be the one to praise, recognize and reward their co-workers.

This is one of our easiest and most effective free team building activities. All it takes is a little bit of planning, some pencils and pieces of paper.

Prior to your next meeting, perhaps during each of your weekly one-on-one coaching sessions with your team members, ask each member of the team to write down on a small piece of paper something nice and positive about each of her co-workers.

Instruct each employee to be brief in their description, while at the same time providing enough information so that their comments will be clearly understood.

"People must know that for every opportunity missed because one is overly enthusiastic, you will miss a hundred due to a lack of enthusiasm."

Ask each team member to hand these notes in to you as you will be collecting them.

As the leader your job is to sort all of the notes and to gather the collection of positive comments into a small package for each employee. You might even want to wrap the package up with a nice big bow!

At your next staff meeting, present the Bits O’Honey package to each employee. It’s not necessary to have people read theirs aloud. Simply have your team open and read their notes to themselves.

Watch their faces. Watch their body language. Take particular note of how the mood of the room will lighten up as everyone is enjoying the gift of praise and recognition.

You might begin a quick conversation with your team about how this gift made them feel, pointing out that each team member has the power to give gifts like this to other co-workers at any time.

Encourage your team members to look for opportunities and reward and recognize each other. Now, as free team building activities go, isn't this a great one? We think so.

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