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This particular type of letter tends to be very brief. The purpose of the application letter is typically to request various types of application materials.

Due to the simple nature of this letter, it is not necessary to provide professional credentials in depth, as this would be done in a resume document rather than the application letter.

There are a number of situations when an application letter is used. These instances include requesting application materials for the purpose of:

  • Applying to attend a University, Technical or Vocational School
  • Obtaining an International Visa or Passport
  • Seeking Employment
  • Applying for a scholarship
  • Grant Writing activities
  • Charitable Donations
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Obtaining Credit, financial assistance
  • Club Membership
  • Professional Licensing
  • Local/State/Federal Assistance Programs

Again, this type of letter should be short and to the point, yet still contain the information necessary for the recipient to quickly process your request.

Application Letter Sample Tips

  • Whenever possible, find out the name and proper title of the decision maker or the person who is in charge of the program.
  • Before applying, research the program online or at the local library to provide yourself with as much background information as possible.
  • Proofread for spelling and proper grammar.
  • Remember to keep a copy for your records.

You may wish to check with the application administrator or program director to inquire whether they, or another person within their department, can provide assistance in the application process. It can't hurt to ask as the more you know upfront in terms of what the reviewer is looking for, the better you can prepare the letter.

Make certain you utilize all available resources to ensure your application stands out above all the rest.

Our business letter writing templates will ensure that you provide enough information for the recipient to gain a clear understanding of what you need.

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