Application Letter Sample and Letter Writing Tips 

A variety of application letter samples and templates can be found by simply searching the internet. However, as a leader or business owner, the application letter is just one of many different types of business letters you'll want to know how to execute for the best possible result. 

Although the primary focus of this article is to provide best practice tips when completing an application letter, we'll also provide you with a full library of business letter templates for your immediate use.  

application letter

It's important to distinguish the difference between the actual application and an application letter. In many cases an application letter can often accompany a completed application form. An application letter might also be referred to as a cover letter.

For example, let's say you are applying for a new job. Along with the completed job application, it's a great idea to provide an application letter as well. The application letter, or cover letter, enables you to briefly share additional details about why you are excited about the opportunity and why you would be a perfect fit for the role. 

This particular type of letter tends to be very brief so you'll want to consider each statement, in fact each word, carefully to ensure your messaging is clear and to the point. Authenticity is also key to making a great first impression, but don't let your authentic-self outperform your professionalism. 

Share something unique about your background or experience that might set you apart from the competition. By providing something memorable about yourself that is relevant to the position you seek, you can give yourself an edge - but it must be done properly.  Strive to strike the perfect tone - creativity with authenticity is good, but that does not mean being cutesy or overly clever. 

Consider this a motivation letter that you are writing.  What's going to motivate the decision maker to want to meet you for an interview? 

“Creativity is one of the last remaining legal ways of gaining an unfair advantage over the competition.” 

– Ed Mc Cabe

In addition to seeking a job, there are a number of situations when an application letter is useful, which include:

  • Applying to attend a University, Technical or Vocational School
  • Applying for a scholarship
  • Applying for a grant
  • Reqesting donations or sponsorships
  • Obtaining credit or other financial assistance
  • Applying for club membership
  • Applying for professional licensing or apprenticeship
  • Applying for local/state/federal assistance programs 
  • Applying for government contracts

Again, this type of letter should be short and to the point, while also being memorable - in a good way that sets you apart from the competition. 

More Application Letter Sample Tips

Make certain you utilize all available resources to ensure your application stands out above all the rest. Depending on the circumstance, you may be able to talk to someone about the entire process, which can be extremely valuable when planning how you will present yourself and the required materials. 

For example, if there is an advice counselor resource available, make the effort to schedule a meeting with that person.  Learn as much as you can about how best you can navigate the system and increase your chances for a positive outcome. 

“Letter writing is an excellent way of slowing down this lunatic helter-skelter universe long enough to gather one’s thoughts”

- Nick Bantock

Additional application letter same tips:

  1. Whenever possible, find out the name and proper title of the decision maker or the person who is in charge of the program.
  2. Before applying, research the program online or at the local library to provide yourself with as much background information as possible.
  3. Proofread for spelling and proper grammar.
  4. Have someone else proofread for spelling and proper grammar. Never submit an application letter with it being fully proofread!
  5. Make sure you submit your application and letter in a timely manner.
  6. Remember to keep a copy for your records.

Next, we're excited to share a great resource that will help you with a variety of business correspondence needs. 

Free Business Letter Writing Templates

As we stated at the beginning of this article, there are many types of business letters that you'll need to write in support of your business. provides a free ebook that contains free business letter templates for your immediate use. 

Templates included in the Business Letter Writing Templates ebook include an apology letter; appreciation letter; complaint letter; collection letter; condolence letter; cover letter; donation letter: introduction letter; resignation letter, and several more. 

Be sure to check out our entire collection of business writing letter templates, and our entire library of free leadership tools and resources. 

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