Unique Business Idea

Passion DOES = Profit

Got a good unique business idea? Discover how to take advantage of your idea by creating a profitable small business.

Research indicates more and more that you must truly enjoy what you are doing if you want to be successful at it long-term. Passion counts!

If you start a business based on the latest get-rich quick scheme, you will find yourself getting tired very quickly. On the other hand, if you focus only on what you like and you disregard the needs of the marketplace, you will soon find yourself scraping to pay your bills at the end of the month.

So what is the answer? Where is the middle ground to success?

Like most things in life, your unique business idea, if it’s the perfect business idea, should be something you can maintain a life balance with.

It is likely that almost anything you would like to give, someone else in the world would like to receive. The trick is to find that person and present your product or your service in such a way that they simply can't resist what you have to offer.

The art of supply and demand is as simple, and as difficult, as matching personal interests with marketplace needs.

Let's look at an example of someone who found her perfect unique business idea. Perhaps you can too!


Susan was very interested in adventure travel. She had worked as a travel agent for several years and she was now thinking about starting an adventure travel company for women.

She decided to test the waters by putting an advertisement in Cosmopolitan magazine, a women’s magazine. When very few people responded to her ad, she became disillusioned and she decided that her idea might never be successful.

That's when a friend told her of a new magazine that she had just seen at the newsstand called Outside Woman. It sounded interesting so she purchased the magazine and read it.

After talking to the editor of the magazine, she learned that a lot of women who read this particular magazine were interested in travel as a way to open their worlds and go beyond and overcome their fears. Susan also learned that most of these women were in their 30's and 40's, not early 20's like she had previously thought.

Armed with this new knowledge, she created an adventure package that aimed to attract "women who wanted to experience the spiritual side of adventure travel" and she placed an ad in the magazine that her friend had recommended.

The response from the magazine advertisement was tremendous!

Within several weeks, she was able to book her first group outing and her business was born.

Susan's story is one of Success. However, without a little luck and a lot of personal fortitude, her unique business idea may never have been found - and her story could have been one of failure. Market research is often the difference between succeeding and failing miserably.

Susan never gave up on her dream of doing something she loved. But until she reached the right group in the marketplace, she was doomed to failure.

Moral Of The Story? Look inside yourself to learn what you are passionate about and what your dreams are. Don’t look so hard for your perfect unique business idea, that you fail to see what is right in front of you.

If your initial small business idea doesn’t work out, it may only need a slight adjustment in order to qualify as your perfect unique business idea. Just open your eyes and take the time to find others with whom you can share your dream. Success may not happen overnight, but if you've done your market research and you stick with it, odds are the payoff will come and all your hard work will be worthwhile.

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