Response to Angry Customers

How to Respond Effectively To Angry Customers
Part Three: The Follow Up

How to response to angry customers and still save the relationship can be a delicate challenge that every manager and employee should be prepared for.

After you have thoughtfully and skillfully responded to the customer's complaint and the problem is finally resolved, you have a unique opportunity to solidify your relationship.

After the customer has had time to calm down and see the forest from the trees, they'll be feeling better about the fact that you pro-actively took ownership of their issue and worked hard to resolved it to their satisfaction.

In order to fully repair and even strengthen the relationship, follow up is crucial. You should make a point of reaching out to the client a week after the issue is resolved - just to make certain that there isn't anything else you can do to assist them, and also to tell the customer once more how much you appreciate his business. This goes a long way toward customer retention.

When talking with the client during the follow up, take the time to thank the customer for their patience; tell him that you appreciate his business and urge him to call you directly if he has any further issues.

By making the effort to follow up with the client, which is a step that will not be expected by the customer, you will heighten the customer's overall perception of you and your company. They'll start thinking, "Wow, they really care."

Don't be surprised is the client apologizes during the follow up call. The customer may later regret his earlier behavior and view his initial actions as somewhat overblown.

Believing that "the customer is always right", may not always apply. However, it's important to begin the conversation without judgement and by making an effort to understand where the client is coming from.

Even if you don't fully agree with the basis for the client's complaint, it's not important that you prove the client wrong - it's better to prove the client "satisfied" - whenever possible.

Take a moment now to reflect on the key points related to the customer experience that we've outlined in this three-part series:

  • The first thing that our angry customer experienced was you taking the time to sincerely LISTEN to them.
  • The second thing you learned here was how important it is for your to TAKE OWNERSHIP AND COMMUNICATE REGULARLY with your customer.
  • And finally, you learn how important your response to angry customers is in the FOLLOW UP phase. A simple phone call to the client a week after the incident makes all the difference in securing a long lasting customer relationship.

It's inevitable, there will always be that one difficult customer who will never be satisfied no matter what you attempt to do for them. That's life, and to those folks - we have to feel sorry for them to some degree. Everyone has options in how they choose to walk through life. Simply wish them well and move on.

But for the other 99% of the customers who enter the doors of your business and regularly enjoy a positive overall customer experience - they will be all your business needs to grow and prosper.

Every business must remember that if you don't treat the customer well, your competitor will. Make sure you adopt a TOTAL RESPONSE to angry customers' strategy.

McDonald's offers free smiles, Wal-Mart has personal greeters and Disney, well Disney employees are literally ON STAGE any time they are on Disney ground.

The great companies have great customer service because it is truly the little things that keep people coming back time and time again.

Make your place of business, a customer experience to remember! Have a full-proof response to angry customer that will help to protect your business and ensure long term success.

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