Questions Angry Customers Ask

How to Respond Effectively To Questions That Angry Customers Ask!
Three Part Series

INTRODUCTION - Dealing with questions angry customers ask can be difficult. Not knowing exactly what to say or how to handle the situation effectively is a common fear.

You're at work, you're having your coffee, some casual conversation with co-workers - it's a good day. Then suddenly, there he is - the angry customer!

How you decide to handle this situation can truly be a career-altering decision if you don't get it right.

Is this customer going to leave angrier and more frustrated, then complain to your boss and tell every person that he knows how incompetent you are? Or, will you be prepared to effectively handle the questions angry customers ask?

Will this angry customer leave your office feeling appreciated and understood? Is he so impressed with your professionalism and ability to resolve the issue quickly that he sings your praises to his family, friends and throughout the community?

The answer for you will be determined based on your understanding and personal commitment to delivering quality Customer Service - at every opportunity. This includes having the skill-set to properly respond to the questions angry customers ask.

The following three-part series will help guide you through those difficult situations where your customer service abilities, and your patience, will be tested.

Part One - The Anger

Dealing With The Questions Angry Customers Ask

The common theme of this series is how you can most effectively respond questions that angry customers ask:

"How could this have possibly happened?"

"What is going on here?"

"Do you know what I've been through?"

"What am I supposed to do now?"

"What are you going to do about it?"

The irate customer may be shouting; some will be using offensive language; all will be incredibly frustrated.

An important point to remember at that critical moment is that the customer is not actually angry with you personally. It may really seem like they are - but they're not.

The customer is experiencing many emotions. He/she feels disrespected because he perceives that no one is listening to him. He feels insecure, as if no one cares about his personal experience. He feels as if he has no control - this adds further to his frustration.

The customer's anger is the result of all these other negative emotions. Keep in mind also that the customer may be dealing with many other difficult situations in his life, not directly related to the situation at hand - and that may be adding fuel to the fire.

Questions angry customers may throw at you may be inspired by events totally unrelated to what they appear upset about. They may be upset with their spouse, employer or whomever - and what happened with your organization was the straw the broke the camel's back.

DO NOT argue with the customer. It will accomplish absolutely nothing. The customer is feeling injured and the pain inflicted is incredibly real to his. Any argument from you will just cement those feelings and he now has a name to attach to the drama.

Look back at our examples of the questions angry customers ask. Realize that these are the questions that you must have answers to.

Your ability to be an empathetic listener, allowing the customer to vent his frustrations without getting into an argument with him - will be time well spent.

Take good notes during his tirade to show your interest. More on the subject of listening is provided in Part II of our series.

Your focus on connecting with the client and working to resolve the issue will give you the best chance of ultimately winning him over.

By following some very simple steps, you can consistently deliver excellent customer service. In addition, you will begin to experience the personal satisfaction and accolades that come from being one of the best at what you do!

Questions angry customers ask can be scary if you are not well prepared in advance. By anticipating these questions beforehand and effectively preparing yourself, your fears will be greatly diminished. See you in Part II.

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