Creating A Customer Service Quiz and Survey

The difference between a customer service quiz and a customer service survey is that the quiz is used for your employees and the survey is sent to your customers. Both the quiz and survey are important tools to ensure your team is providing the best customer experience possible. 

Customer service survey are fairly common, whereas an employee quiz is not used as frequently, but it should be. An important aspect of coaching to customer service expectations is inspecting what you expect from your employees.

customer service quiz

Observing how employees are interacting with customers is a great way to reinforce the importance of quality service delivery. The fact that you take the time to make sure customers receive great service sends a powerful message to your team.

Regular observations can be more difficult if you manage a large team, but there are other tools you can use to confirm that your team is adhering to customer service standards. A customer service quiz is a tool that allows the leader to test employee knowledge of service goals and objectives. 

Taking a test isn't something most people look forward to so you'll want to position it in a positive way. For example, if you don't intend to grade individuals you can take your entire team through the quiz in an open discussion group activity. This allows you to cover all the key points, reinforce expectations and get a general feel for which team members fully comprehend the material. 

However, if you need to confirm that each team member is fully competent on customer service standards and expectations, then using a customer service quiz will help to send an even stronger message of personal accountability. 

"Customer complaints are the schoolbooks from which we learn."

- Lou Gerstner

Customer service surveys are used more frequently. For example, a survey can be sent each time a customer opens a new account. Due to the higher volume of surveys completed, managers can identify concerning trends and act quickly to resolve issues before they become more impactful to the business. 

Unlike a customer service quiz, a customer service survey should be short and easy for the customer to complete. Be respectful of the customer's time and you'll increase the likelihood that the customer will take the time to complete your survey. 

Next, let's take a deeper dive into how you can create a customers service quiz and survey.

Customer Service Quiz: Question Categories and Resources

One of the most important times to use a customer service quiz is during the initial recruitment of a new employee. Before hiring the employee for a service position, have the candidate complete a service assessment to measure their existing aptitude for delivering quality customer service. 

While candidates don't necessarily have to answer every question correctly in order to be hired, the results of the quiz will alert you to how much additional coaching and training may be needed to bring the candidate up to speed. 

Categories of questions might include the following: 

  • Understanding the root causes for common customer questions and being able to respond appropriately.
  • Use of appropriate language and demeanor when interacting with customers on a variety of topics, which includes the proper handling of customer complaints.
  • Using needs-based questions to identify customer needs and making knowledgeable recommendations of products and services that meet those needs. 
  • Instinct for going the extra mile, thinking outside the box, and being proactive in addressing potential issues before there is an impact to the customer. 

By hiring employees that have well established customer service skills will lessen the time it takes to train your team and increase customer retention. Therefore, the cost of using a customer service quiz for all prospective employees actually pays for itself over time. 

Business owners have the option of paying for an existing customer service quiz from a third party such as TestGorilla, or you can create your own assessment. There are a variety of vendors and do-it-yourself resources available on the internet. Take the time to ensure the quiz you employ is specific to your business type and matches closely to your customer service goals and expectations. 

"Revolve your world around the customer and more customers will revolve around you."

- Heather Williams

Customer Service Survey: Benefits and Example

As stated above, one of the best times to send a customer service survey is right after the customer has interacted with a team member. Sending the survey quickly is important as the interaction will still be fresh in the customer's mind. 

There are many benefits of maintaining a customer service program, which includes the following: 

  • Employee Accountability - customers appreciate great service when they receive it and they deplore being on the receiving end of poor service. In either case, customers want management to know how they are treated and they want to give credit to your employees when it's due, or hold an employee accountable when they are not pleased. Customer service survey results should be included in an employee's annual review rating. 
  • Identify Customer Needs - what a customer needs today might be different tomorrow so it's important to keep checking in with customers to determine what their changing needs are. This allows you to make certain customer are getting the best value for their money and that they are always using the best products and services possible. 
  • Customer Retention - satisfied customers will stay with your business over a long period of time. When customers can count on always receiving great customer service they are even likely to pay a premium, meaning they may stay with you even if you don't offer the best prices. Quality of service counts for a lot in the eyes of your customers. 
  • Customer Referrals - when customers are happy with your service they will naturally tell others about their experience. Some of the most successful salespeople rarely have to "sell" anything, because their existing customers are continually selling on their behalf as they rave about the great service they receive to their many family members and friends. 
  • Builds & Protects the Brand - when you create and maintain a team that provides great customer service it becomes an important part of your brand. You want to do everything you can to protect that great reputation. 

While it can take years to create a great reputation for service, it can become tarnished overnight if there is a serious breakdown. This is why using both a customer service survey for customers and a customer service quiz for employees on a regular basis is so important to the long-term success of your business. 

The following eight questions provide an example of a quality customer service survey:

(Please rate us between 1-5 in each of the following areas: 5 being the highest, most positive score possible.)

  1. Are we respectful of your time?
    Customer Survey Rating = _____

  2. Do you feel valued and cared for by our people?
    Customer Survey Rating = _____

  3. Does you business benefit from doing business with our company?
    Customer Survey Rating = _____

  4. Did we effectively meet your needs today? How?
    Customer Survey Rating = _____

  5. Do you consider our service delivery to be exemplary? Why or why not?
    Customer Survey Rating = _____

  6. How would you rate the appeal and cleanliness of our work environment?
    Customer Survey Rating = _____

  7. Please rate the quality of the interaction of our employees. Explain.
    Customer Survey Rating = _____

  8. Based on the above feedback, would you recommend our business to your friends and family?
    Customer Survey Rating = _____

As you consider the compiled results of your customer service survey, do so with an open mind. Remember, every negative comment is a gift from your customer that is worth considering. Commit to acting upon the knowledge you've gained through this process to further improve the quality of your team's service delivery and watch your customer's delight the next time they enter your workplace.

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