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Create A Powerful Team Battle-Cry!

Creating a customer service slogan that is effective is a task best accomplished by the entire team.

When team members are asked what they stand for, the answer should be evident in not just words, but in their everyday activities.

The average consumer is more highly informed than at any time in history and backed by the power of the Internet,they have more influence than every before. Business owners need to respect that influence.

Why create a service slogan, or company battle-cry, in the first place? The process provides many benefits to the team. These benefits include:

  • Improved Teamwork - brings team members together, working toward a common goal of how to improve the overall quality of the customer experience.
  • Promotes Creativity - the process of creating a customer service slogan encourages team members to work outside the box and get creative on how best to communicate a powerful message.
  • Promotes Personal/Professional Development - team members must search for solutions to improve the customer experience. In doing so, employees must commit themselves to ensure the quality of the experience, which helps develop the employee while improving the value of the entire organization.

An effective customer service slogan is short, clear, simple – and it creates a vivid picture that once heard, people connect with and are drawn toward.

Slogans considered to be best-in-class, promote key words such as:

  • New
  • Unique
  • Different
  • Rebel
  • Excellence
  • Quality
  • Adventure
  • and above all – Integrity

Creating a catchy slogan, something that will stick in your mind and create interest, is certainly an important part of this exercise. In addition, the customer service slogan needs to be believable.

Does your slogan live up to it’s promise? Make sure not to adopt any slogan that compromises your integrity.

You must understand that your company slogan equates to a promise. Live up to your promise or run the risk of disappointing your customers and potentially losing their business.

In conclusion, a few examples of solid customer service slogans that other organizations have adopted:

  • Ford – Quality Is Job #1
  • Our Winning Way – Everyone, Everyday.
  • US Bank - Five Star Service–Guaranteed!
  • Nike – Just Do It!
  • Sears – Good Life, Good Price.
  • GE – We Bring Good Things To Life.
  • Dell – Easy as Dell.
  • Lowes – Improving Home Improvement.
  • Walmart – Always Low Prices! Always.

Now get your group together and create your own team battle-cry! The creative process can make for a great team building exercise and the result can make a very positive impact in service delivery and bottom-line profits!

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