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Identify Service Performance In High-Value Resumes!

A strong customer service resume will clearly reflect service standards of excellence.

So what if the job you are seeking to fill is a sales position versus a service role? The above statement still holds true!

Customer service attributes are highly valued in every organization that seeks to grow and ensure longevity in the marketplace.

A customer service resume shows a potential employee that will represent the best the company has to offer. Employers seek sales and service professionals who understand clearly that every sales interaction provides service opportunities, and that every service interaction provides potential sales opportunities.

Company's who don't "get it", classify employees as being in either sales or service. Organizations that leverage their workforce effectively expect all employees to serve the client in both a sales and service capacity.

If every member of the organization knew how to capitalize on these opportunities, sales would increase and retention of existing customers would soar to all time highs.

So what do employers look for in a customer service resume? A few examples include:

  • Customer service related rewards
  • Certificates of achievement in service
  • Customer letters of appreciation and praise

In addition, sales professionals with a solid customer service resume will include customer testimonials, letters of recommendation and a strong customer referral network.

Being strong in sales production is simply not enough in today's competitive environment. Sales production without a solid customer service commitment means an employee must work twice as hard to achieve the same rate of growth as those that back up sales with solid service delivery.

A lack of follow up and service support will eventually lead existing customers to move their business to another organization that exhibits a higher degree of service excellence.

Employers who hire individuals without a solid customer service resume are only considering the potential short-term gains. Decisions based on short-term production alone are highly risky for an organization. You must think long-term in your hiring strategy.

Great companies do not compromise their long-term growth strategy by losing sight of the importance of maintaining high quality standards. Hire for the future as you may end up risking your own good name when making short sighted hiring decisions.

Each employee is perceived by your customers as being a representative of you and your organization. Make sure you are totally comfortable with any new candidate you are considering for hire. Will this individual represent you well? Will he/she safeguard your good name, and the reputation of the company?

Hiring people with a firm customer service resume ensures they will care for your most highly valued asset - your customer.

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