Customer Service Definitions

The Customer Holds The One Opinion That Truly Counts!

Customer service definitions vary from company to company, and the definition also varies depending on who the customer is.

Sound confusion? It's actually very simple. So what exactly is customer service? Consider this definition:

“Customer service is every encounter between a customer and a business that results in a negative or positive perception by the customer.”

Simply put, the quality of customer service that is provided by an organization is ultimately determined by the customer. The customer is King and Queen of any for-profit business.

Customer perception is the only one that matters. Business leaders that 'get it' will actually welcome customer feedback of all forms. Even negative feedback can provide critical input that can ultimately save a business from failure.

The customer will define their experience as either positive or negative. When it relates to customer service, there is no such thing as “neutral”. Neutral is just another way of saying “indifferent”, and being indifferent to your customers qualifies as a negative.

Customer service definitions, regardless of which one you choose, should all point out that there is no middle ground when it comes to taking care of your customers. Every time you or a member of your team have contact with a client, that interaction is either going to result in a HIT or a MISS.

Depending on who you ask, customer service definitions will certainly vary. For many, it’s difficult to identify the precise definition that encompassess everything that a manager or organization wish to convey.

Although one may have trouble clearly defining customer service – almost everyone knows it when they experience it. Which inspires the following definition:

”Excellent customer service is evidenced by a customer experience that creates a postive feeling in the customer.”

Make customer service a sacred part of your organization's mission statement. Refer to your service statement when making any important decision for your company. Ask the ultimate test question:

“How will our customers react, and will they find value in what we are about to do?”

Customer service definitions guide organizations to protect and improve upon the customer experience. Just be sure that before you create your own definition, you ask your customers' input on how they define it. This will ensure you don't miss the mark.

Looking at this question from a broader view, consider this definition of customer service:

Excellent Customer Service =
An Excellent Customer Experience =
Higher Customer Retention and Increasing Company Profits!

And not surprising, the opposite is true:

Bad Customer Service =
A Bad Customer Experience =
Lower Customer Retention and Decreasing Profits!

Take your time in creating your company's definition of customer service. Then work with your team, and your customers, to ensure that your definition matches the expectations of everyone involved.

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