Effective Sample Recognition Programs

Affordable and Effective Rewards and Recognition Programs

Effective sample recognition programs all share key attributes that will ensure a successful campaign.

As the leader, you must identify those key attributes as well as decide on some clear-cut examples of highly effective sample recognition programs.

Key Attributes Of A Highly Effective Recognition Program

  • Clearly identify what you are seeking to accomplish.
  • Clearly identify what activities/behaviors it will take to be successful.
  • Match activities/behaviors with an appropriate reward. (A great way to identify non-cash rewards that will be highly prized by each employee, is to utilize our Free My Favorite Things Tool)
  • Create a multi-facet communication strategy to motivate participants

  • Kick-off meeting to introduce the program
  • Daily/Weekly updates to keep the program on the top of everyone's mind. (I.e., newsletters, email updates, etc.)
  • Regular tracking reports for managers to coach to as well as provide praise to employers. Manage to the numbers.
  • Praise the TOP; Coach the MIDDLE; and Counsel the BOTTOM - Managers tend to focus their attention on either praising top performers or chastising those at the bottom. It's important to remember, however, that the best way to realize maximum results is to lift your middle up. The middle performers tend to be the largest group. Therefore, you maximize results by maintaining focus on the middle-dwellers!
  • Establish SMART goals. Ensure your goals are SMART, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.
  • STAY FOCUSED! Provide continued Energy and Enthusiasm I.e., Leadership

As you research effective sample recognition programs, use the above checklist to ensure the success of whatever program you choose.

Employers cannot over emphasize the importance of "getting it right" when rolling out a new campaign. Remember, if the program doesn't motivate - it runs the risk of de-motivating.

Effective sample recognition programs that "get it right", provide the following benefits to an organization:

  1. Increased sales production with NET GROWTH.
  2. Improved teamwork and increased attendance due to increased job satisfaction.
  3. Increased employee retention, which equates to lower training costs.

Two effective sample recognition programs that we recommend you take a look at include:

  • E-Corporate Gift Program - this is a great program! This site provides specific reward and recognition ideas, yet allows employers to be creative and remain in control what how they want to spend their dollars. Employees like to receive the certificates because they have the ultimate choice of what their reward will be.
  • Sony Motivation Program - check out all the terrific merchandise available for your employees to win. The Sony sales program provides premium gift choices that are sure to be received positively by your team members. Read the sales incentive program guidelines provided to get a good feel for how to best leverage your next sales campaign.

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