Employee Goal Setting is Critical for Your Business and Your Employees

Section 8.1: Library of Resources

Allocating resources for employee goal setting provides a valuable opportunity for your team members, as well as long lasting benefits for your organization.

Business owners and team leaders improve your odds of success by using the very best goal setting tools and resources.

employee goal setting

Our Goal Setting for Success eBook program is just the right tool to assist you in setting goals for your team. In the following information, we'll recap how to create and maintain a valuable library of goal setting resources.

As a reminder, you must realize that your success journey, in life and in business, is an ongoing process. Because the process involves life-long learning, you should work to develop a system for collecting valuable tools and resources that are readily available to assist in future challenges.

Over time you will accumulate a wealth of knowledge, as well as a library of various resources.

Earlier in this goal setting guide, we encouraged you to use our free Life Balance tool to identify your most important life categories. The Life Balance tool is a must-have in leadership library. 

The Life Balance - Success Wheel can easily be used to assess balanced performance for individual or team goals. Simply replace the life categories with the employees' annual goals and have them rate themselves on the 1 to 10 scale.

By introducing and leading your team members through this employee goal setting exercise, you are demonstrating your desire to help them be more successful. In addition, you'll earn credibility as a caring and thoughtful leader. 

Once you have walked them through the Life Balance - Success Wheel exercise, lead your team through the process of creating their personal Master Action Plan (M.A.P.)

"The more you learn, the greater your chances for personal and professional success in your goal setting efforts."

It's one thing to help your team identify where they are doing well and where improvement is needed, but you'll gain an even higher level of respect and admiration by leading team members to identify a Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Sensitive (S.M.A.R.T.) plan of action. 

Once team members go through the M.A.P. process of breaking down their goals so they can articulate the How much? Of What? By When? and By Whom? - as well as knowing the potential obstacles and a plan to overcome them - your team will be ready to go after their goals with renewed vigor and confidence. How does that compare with their current state of mind?

If you feel the Vision Board tool we introduced earlier will provide your team with additional motivation in their employee goal setting journey, by all means take time to introduce them to this free online tool.  

Encourage employees to print out their vision board and post in their work space. This reminds them of their true purpose, and - it's fun!

Benefits of Our Employee Goal Setting Program

When you introduce employees to the Life Balance - Success Wheel exercise in partnership with the Master Action Plan (M.A.P.) and Vision Board tools your business receives the following benefits:

  • Business gains a reputation as a forward thinking organization that invests in their employees.
  • Reduces turnover of employees because they know they will learn and grow at your business.
  • When employee do leave the company, you'll have less trouble finding suitable replacements because your business has a positive reputatation in the marketplace. 
  • Business can hire internally more often as leadership opportunities arise, because employees are being highly trained for producing results. 
  • Improved efficiency in the workplace since employees have broken down their goals. This leads to improved time management skills for the employee and less wasted time paid by the business. 
  • Creates a winning attitude as associates become more successful in achieving their goals, and hence creates a more positive and productive work environment. 

As a business leader it is critical to your success that you implement an employee goal setting process. By taking the time to invest in the success of your employees you will be planting the seeds for the long-term success of your business.

"The way of the world is meeting people through other people."

- Robert Kerrigan

Success Lesson #17: Are You A Mixer?

A person is strong in direct proportion to the quantity, the quality, and the variety of forces that he absorbs from others.

He is powerful in proportion to the extent of his contact, socially, mentally, and morally, with others he aspires to become. He is limiting his potential in proportion as he cuts himself off from others.

"No man really lives by himself alone. He is a branch of the great human vine."

- Marden

The person who mixes with his peers and neighbors is ever on a voyage of discovery, finding new islands of power in him, which would have remained forever hidden, but for his association with others.

Remember, as part of your individual or employee goal setting activities, every man or woman you meet has some secret for you to benefit from, if only you can extract it; something that you never knew before; something that can help you along your way to realizing your dreams.

"You cannot avoid becoming a product of your environment and a reflection of the people you associate with, so choose your friends and vocation wisely."

We forget that a large part of our achievement is due to the kindness and caring of others. They push us to sharpen our skills. They radiate hope and optimism and they let us know that they believe in us.

Try always to associate with people who are in a higher place than you and you will naturally gravitate toward their positions. Observe and soak in their culture and their habits of self-improvement.

This will tend to raise your own ideals, to inspire you to higher things, to make a greater effort to be somebody yourself.

Seizing opportunities to associate with people who bring out the best in you instead of the worst must be a part any individual or employee goal setting plan. This is worth far more to us than any opportunity just to make money. It increases a hundred fold our power to develop noble characters.

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