Achieving Goal Planning Objectives


Let's get on with the business of achieving goal plans successfully. Now you can with our Goal Setting For Success tool for aspiring leaders. In the following information, you'll learn how to avoid procrastination.

"Your reserve power will stand in the background
until your self-faith calls it into action." - Marden

Seems like so many adopt the famous line "I'll do it tomorrow".

Unfortunately, the longer you are willing to put things off, the less likely it is that the task will get done at all, or if it is done it gets finished in a hasty manner.

"Beware of forming a habit of procrastination, for it is the great goal killer!"

Those who procrastinate, limit their potential to achieve goal plans and limit the opportunity for great things to come into their life.

The obvious question then is "How do I avoid or conquer the bad habit of procrastination?" Great news! You are already beginning to acquire the tools and resources necessary to win this battle!

Below is a list of the top four things you can do (many of which you are already doing as a part of reading Goal Setting For Success), to win out over the tendency to procrastinate creating and achieving goal plans.

Four Ways To Conquer Procrastination

  • Get Yourself Organized! - when your day is planned, when your life is organized, you immediately limit the chances that procrastination will enter your life. Organization and goal planning will empower you to stop the bad habit of putting things off.
  • Break Tasks Down - By breaking down a large goal that can tend to overwhelm us into submission, into smaller tasks, we more clearly see that can achieve goal commitments. When we break things down into bite-sized tasks, we more easily convince ourselves that a larger goal is realistic and we therefore provide ourselves with the leverage we need to push forward.
  • Public Proclamations - When we announce our intentions to the world, we add a dose of healthy pressure to our situation. This "peer pressure" if you will, that we purposefully create, give us a much needed push to continue onward when we experience a weak moment.
  • Accept the Challenge! - Begin to see procrastination as a "Little Monster" that you are determined to destroy. Whenever it raises it's ugly little head, accept his challenge. Whatever it is that the little monster is trying to convince you to put off, DO IT IMMEDIATELY, get on with the process of achieving goal plans. In effect, squash the beast right then and there. In doing so, you will gain self-esteem and over time, the little beast will have less and less influence in your life.

Most people who procrastinate do not work successfully toward achieving goal plans. They do not spending time on self-improvement and personal development. By virtue of the fact you are reading this guide, you are already well on your way to conquering the "putting-off" habit.

Success Lesson #24: Winning Out In Middle Life

"Success is not a question of age, but of self-faith. Before we can win out in life we must believe in our power to win."
- Marden

No matter what your age, if you have your health, there is a career somewhere waiting for you. If you don't find it, it is your own fault.

Are you one of those people who when they reached a certain age began to settle down to elderly ways? Did you drop the practices of your younger days and excused yourself from doing all sorts of things on account of your age?

If you've formed the habit when asked to do anything new or unusual of saying, "Oh, I am too old for that"; "It is too late for me to attempt it"; "I could have done that years ago, but not today"; "Achieving goal plans are for younger people" - no reasonable employer will want you.

"Remember always that the world will see you, no matter what your age, precisely how your see yourself. You will be taken at your own valuation."

It is pitiable to see a man (or woman) in middle life looking and acting much older; going around wearing a hopeless expression, often cynical and pessimistic, indifferent to the things which interest everybody else about him."

We understand more clearly today the tremendous force of our thoughts and convictions in materializing the things on which we concentrate. Our thoughts determine who we are, how successfully we go about achieving goal plans, and where we are going in life.

If you hold the thought that your ambition is waning, that your faculties are deteriorating, you will soon become convinced that it is no use for you to enter into competition with younger men and women, and you will begin to take a back seat in life. You will voluntarily fall behind.

There is no greater tonic to the aging process than joy, hope, good cheer, gladness, faith in God and self-confidence. If you would remain young then maintain these youthful traits - cultivate them.

When we learn to think of ourselves as always young; we open our lives up to a whole banquet of new beginnings.

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"Without goals, and a plan to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination."

- Fitzhugh Dodson

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