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Strong Leaders use team building tools to ensure teamwork, employee retention, and financial growth. One highly effective activity that assists in building teamwork can make all the difference.

Group activities and exercises are an absolute must
for anyone who leads a team of people

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Time and money spent on promoting group trust and rapport is not only a good business practice - it can be a highly profitable investment.

Group activities inspire, energize and motivate your group by challenging each member to achieve his or her personal best.

Effective tools and resources can help to create great opportunities for team members to share and learn from each other. A team that works closely together and communicates effectively is a highly valued asset to any organization.

"The basic building block of good team building is for a leader to promote that every human being is unique and that he or she adds value."

Teamwork ensures your people aren't duplicating efforts - which costs you money.

Even more importantly, teamwork creates "MOMENTUM", and momentum is the 'premium fuel' that propels an individual, team, or company - to new and greater levels of success.

Did you know that the number one reason employees voluntarily leave their jobs to pursue other outside employment is indifference?

Employees who are apathetic or indifferent do not feel a sense of teamwork in their workplace, nor do they feel appreciated or valued by their team leader.

Clearly, any leader who communicates or displays 'indifference' toward a team member (whether verbally or otherwise) is not a true leader.

Quality team building tools can assist pro-active leaders in combating the feelings of indifference.

Fre team building tools and tips!

You might be saying, "But I have put in place a great incentive plan, and we always have a good time at our annual holiday party. Isn't that enough?" No, it's not enough. Team building is a never-ending function of a strong and healthy work environment.

Team building is as critical to the long-term success of the organization as sales management or expense control.

Remember, your team is a reflection of YOU.

Are your team members happy? Do they show up for work with a purpose of adding value to the team and to the company? Would they recommend others to apply for a position on your team? Do they feel a sense of fulfillment in their daily work environment?

These are questions every leader must continually assess.

Hopefully, your team members would answer yes to all of the above. But you need to know for sure because you simply can't afford to lose any good team members.

"I have yet to find the man or woman, who did not do better work and put forth greater effort under a spirit of approval than under a spirit of criticism."

The costs involved in retaining a good employee pales in comparison to what it costs to hire and train a new team member. Not to mention the lost sales you realize while going through the transition.

Great team leaders leverage the best team building activities use team building tools to achieve greater results. To the contrary, weak teams get weak results. What kind of team are you building?

So what kind of team building tools are needed to create and maintain a strong sense of teamwork in the workplace? Team building examples come in many forms - as you'll soon see.

Bottom line, team building doesn't have to be very difficult at all. It's really a simple matter of understanding the true value of your best employees and effectively communicating your honest appreciation to each team member.

All of us have a basic need to be appreciated and valued as a person - not just for getting the sale.

It's the simple everyday things that promote a strong sense of teamwork, for example:

  • Showing your appreciation for a job well done.
  • Being consistent and fair.
  • Rewarding and recognizing improvement.
  • Encouraging team members to maintain balance in their lives.
  • Taking an interest in their personal well-being.
  • Providing opportunities for best practice sharing and personal development.

To promote team building – BE THERE, and make yourself available to your team.


Here is where you get proven team building tools used by some of today's most effective team leaders. Have fun building your team!

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Team building takes a team leader. That's you, right? And it also takes some easy-to-implement team building tools. So let's get on with it. Gooooooo Team!

In conclusion, use the tools and team building examples provided herein to grow and further develop your team building library of resources.

Team building is not an event – it is an ongoing, never-ending process.

What's keeping you from retaining your best team members? What team building tools do you think you need in order to overcome these issues?

Check out our site and discover some valuable team building training tools that you can use to improve your team's performance.

"Thanks for some very helpful tools. I am the newly appointed Customer Service Team facilitator at my company, and I was at a loss for fun warm-up tools. So glad I found them on this site!"

- Francesca Sam-Sin-Nowlin

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