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Customer Service tools are highly valued by today's most effective leaders. Effective service tools help to ensure a strong service environment based on client trust.

When you get right down to it, Customer Service is about TRUST

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"Even though I am using this for ideas for the National Honor Society (I am the advisor and High School teacher), I have been able to take some of the ideas and apply them to many different settings."

- Lorri Campbell Bazan

Outstanding Customer Service = High Customer Retention
= Strong Business Growth!

Customers do business with you because they trust that you will treat them fairly, with courtesy, and that you will do every thing possible to resolve any situation with honor and integrity.

Every employee must be committed to protect and preserve the client's trust.

"I don't know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: The ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve."

As the old saying goes, which still rings true today - "Trust is sacred." Customer trust should always be top of mind.

Does every one of your employees instinctively respond to each customer service inquiry with this ultimate service phrase:


If your customers aren't hearing this message 'LOUDLY and PROUDLY' during every customer service encounter, then you can benefit greatly by reviewing our customer service tools. So let’s get to work!

Think about your best service employee. Isn’t she also about the happiest person on the planet?

Basically, people who excel at servicing others 'like' people and find joy in helping them. They aren’t the sort of folks that walk around with a snarl on their face or a chip on their shoulder. They are just really pleasant individuals.

Customer Service Tools and Tips!

Good service employees are essential to any business. They promote teamwork and are consistent in their service delivery and overall ATTITUDE.

Customers call in or send notes of appreciation to you on behalf of these employees. Does this all ring true in your organization?

Hire as many of these people as possible! Good service employees are literally worth their weight in GOLD!

Speaking of ATTITUDE, recently one of our readers shared a story from his teen years about having attended a week-long basketball camp.

While at camp, attendees were repeatedly confronted by members of the coaching staff with the following 'very loud' question. "How's your PMA?" (aka.. Positive Mental Attitude)

The only acceptable response was a LOUD and PROUD - "BOY, AM I ENTHUSIASTIC!

Our reader added that to this very day whenever he is asked how his day is, or how he's doing, he instinctively recalls the PROPER response - and it lifts his spirits and makes him smile as he remembers his enthusiastic answer. What a gift!

"If a man be gloomy let him keep to himself. No one has the right to go croaking about society, or what is worse, looking as if he stifled grief."

As a leader, you have certain expectations of your customer service personnel. You DO, don’t you? Let the notion of a positive customer service attitude be one of those expectations:

No one will argue that customer satisfaction and retention is strongly hinged on a consistently positive customer service experience. Hint: INCREASED PROFITABILITY DOESN'T HURT EITHER. :-)

Customer focused tools are extremely beneficial to your organization. The mere words 'customer service' are used so often, the actual meaning of the term sometimes gets missed by your audience.

Who benefits from great customer service tools? EVERYONE! The customer wins, the company wins and the employees win.

Right now, let’s quickly discuss what you can do to ensure your time here is maximized. You want quality customer service tools and resources, correct?

We have a lot of material to cover in the customer service tools section of our site. Here you will find quotes on customer service, special articles, customer service tips, presentations and special tools on getting the most out of your service team.

We have a lot of material to cover in the client satisfaction section of our site. Here you will find tools for customer service training, special client satisfaction articles, customer service tips, presentations and special tools on getting the most out of your service management team.


Here is where you get proven tools used by today's most effective customer service leaders. Feel free to help yourself!

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C.S. Tool #2 - Customer Service Reference Library

C.S. Tool #3 - Top Articles on Customer Service

Customer service tools provide the means for you to keep your customer service environment strong and fresh.

Anyone can roll out a customer service program. But it takes a strong customer service leader who utilizes great tools, to create and maintain a great customer service culture.

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What's keeping you from scoring high on customer service surveys? What do you think you need in order to overcome these issues? Let us know your thoughts.

"Thanks very much. I look forward to reading the monthly tools. The articles are concise and sharp and most of all a quick read that can be used to reflect and consider taking action on."

- NC Prakash, Singapore

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