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It's simple really. We keep each issue focused on providing our readers with leadership-related tools and information that is deserving of their time and consideration.

Every issue of Leadership Tools Monthly News is loaded with high quality leadership education content that is easy to understand and implement for increased results.

Our free newsletter remains focused on five key areas of leadership:

Business Planning

Leadership Development

Sales Management

Customer Service

Team Building

Leadership Tools Monthly News is not always published monthly. Rather, we only send out a new edition when we feel we have something valuable to offer.  We take this approach for two important reasons:

  1. We take our time to ensure every issue provides our readers with content that is rich in quality
  2. We respect your time. Your time is valuable. We know that we have to be "that good" to be deserving of your time. We are committed to exceeding your high expectations.

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"Excellent site. Everything I have read is something I can use, both for myself and others. Thank you!"

- Celia Ajuba

  • Shorten and improve meetings for increased results.
  • Add fun and creativity to your meetings.
  • Promote team work among your workforce and within your peer group.
  • Increase employee job satisfaction and reduce turnover.
  • Lead a healthier and more productive workplace.
  • Impress and motivate your team members.
  • Gain added credibility and respect as a leader of people, not just a manager of tasks.
  • Maintain focus on quality results for increased revenue.
  • Lead your team in GROWING THE BUSINESS.

Count on us to be there for you as you strive to achieve continual improvement in growing your business.

We are here to help you:

  • Motivate Employees 
    (Employees never want to feel like “It’s just a job.”)
  • Effectively Teach, Coach, Inspect 
    (Here’s how. Watch me do it. Now, you do it.)
  • Develop Solid Teamwork 
    (Fresh Fun-Tips Revealed! Fast, easy and gets results.)
  • Expect Extraordinary Results 
    (Why is everyone here? To GROW THE BUSINESS)

You owe it to your CUSTOMERS, your EMPLOYEES, your COMPANY - and you owe it to yourself to receive this valuable monthly newsletter.

“Do not lie in a ditch and say God help me.
Use the lawful tools He hath sent thee.”

- English Proverb

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Our introductory issue walks you through the format of the newsletter - section-by-section.

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