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Goal setting guidelines include being open to the fact that goals will change from time to time. In the following information, you'll learn how to quickly adapt to changing goals.

"When you are through changing, you are through." - Bruce Baxton

So what if your goals change? The truth is that your goals should change.

Something would truly be wrong if your goals and dreams did not change as you begin to embrace goal setting and life management more firmly.

Change is a good thing, despite the fact that so many people have an immediate instinct to repel change. The reason so many fear change is due to their fear of the unknown.

"The best thing you can do in dealing constructively with changing goals, or change in general, is to welcome it openly - EMBRACE CHANGE."

However, as you learn and grow as a result of following our goal setting guidelines, you will find that your goals will change along the way. Your dreams will become more clear and vivid, and over time they will evolve.

Sometimes what you thought you wanted out of life will no longer be appealing to you as you see life with more clarity. When this happens, change will be necessary.

The reality is that most people's goals will change over time, and they should change if they are to remain in a perpetual state of personal growth. In fact, growth requires change.

Expect change to happen and when it does, work quickly to adapt to it and to respond to it positively.

If you tend to repel change then you are in effect limiting your opportunities; your chances to benefit from new experiences, and you diminish your ability to advance and grow as a human being.

Change is good, change is right - and change represents progress. While some change can be harmful and unhealthy, we must not discount changing events until we have first taken the time to inspect them closely. Embracing clear goal setting guidelines is key to your success

Certainly, we always maintain the right to keep what works and that which is helpful, and to toss away that which is unworthy of our time. Just be sure you don't lose out on an opportunity by dismissing an alternative route too quickly.

Success Lesson #25: Finding Your Right Place

"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."
- Unknown

What your friends or relatives or the people at large think you ought to do has nothing whatsoever to do with what you are intended by your Creator to accomplish.

You alone can read the sealed message that you brought with you into this world. It is a secret to all but you and God. Even your dearest friend does not know for certain what it says.

The difference between success and failure is one's ability to find his or her true place in the world.

It is a sad event to see a man or woman who has missed their calling, and who is unwilling to change their path in order to correct their mistake. They go through life as a round peg, forever working to fit into a square hole, devoid of any realistic goal setting guidelines.

"There are many occupations where you may get a good living, but in which there is no growth."

If your position does not fit you perfectly, if the hours drag heavily upon you, if you do not feel a sense of pride in your work, then you are not residing in your right place.

Our work should be our greatest character-builder. It should continually hold our interest and push us to better ourselves. The making of an honorable man or woman, should be the first object of a vocation of our own choosing.

Too many people work in jobs not by choice but out of necessity. These jobs will not push you out, force you to enlarge your mentality or make you a broader and more enlightened individual.

Whatever you do for a living, avoid occupations which do not force you to grow; which will not make any special call upon your originality, your ingenuity, your resourcefulness; which will not bring your initiative or your qualities of leadership into play.

There is no reason why an adults' work should not give him or her as much satisfaction and pleasure as the child's play.

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"A goal properly set
is halfway reached."

- Unknown

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