About My Online Business

My online business is really more of a passion, and that is why it is so successful.

From the time each of my three daughters was born, my wife and I have said that we are raising “independent women of the new millennium”. It’s important to us that our girls grow up to become confidant, determined and self-reliant young women.

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"While money doesn't buy happiness, money does provide us with more options in life - and as a result, more personal freedom. So I do encourage you to establish clear financial goals, and create new sources of income in order to make your life what it's meant to be - a masterpiece!

- Richard Gorham

We want to equip them with the knowledge that no matter what happens in their lives – good or bad, they possess the tools and resources necessary to handle the issue effectively.

We believe they will ultimately grow to become stronger and more self-reliant as a result of having successfully faced challenges and worked through adversity - ultimately to one day realize their own passions.

I firmly believe that my ongoing efforts in managing and growing this online business is teaching my children by example that “you can do anything you set your mind to”.

My oldest daughter, who just became a teenager, is already expressing interest in establishing her own online business. She sees how much joy I get out of helping others to overcome their fears; to provide business planning and sales management ideas and leadership tools that help people maximize their results; or when I assist a reader in preparing for a difficult discussion they need to have with an employee or co-worker.

She understands that this work is something that her Dad really enjoys and that I get a lot of satisfaction out of helping others. This is an important lesson that I hope she will learn and implement in her life as she grows up to become a fully engaged, contributing member of society.

In addition to acquiring a greater sense of self-fulfillment from serving others, I’m proud of what this website offers to regular people who are interested in leadership development.

I’m truly grateful for the personal and professional development I’ve experienced since beginning this online business.

How I Created This Website

Readers continually ask how I can possibly afford to give away so many great tools at no charge. They wonder if my little online business is a non-profit organization.

Make no mistake, Leadership-Tools.com is a “for-profit” online business. I run the entire business out of my home-based office, in my spare hours.

I utilize a wonderful web-hosting system called SBI.

SBI is an all-in-one tool that first taught me how to create the website. (This is an important point, because I literally knew nothing about how to create an online business before being introduced to SBI.) SBI is all I need to manage and grow my entire online business.

Check out this 3-minute SBI Vido Tour.

Key to Profitable Online Home Business, SBI-TV.

This video tour shows how building a stay at home business with SBI really works!

You still must be wondering how I make money when I’m giving away so much for free, right? Well, the answer is that with the guidance of SBI, I’ve learned how to earn money through the proper placement of Contextual Ads, Affiliate Programs and Joint Ventures.

While I give away the vast majority of the tools you see on the website, I receive great rewards through various partnerships and affiliations. It’s truly a win/win scenario for both my readers and myself.

Odds are good that you probably discovered my site by typing something like “leadership tools” or some other leadership-related keyword(s) into one of the more popular search engines (For example: Google, Yahoo or Bing). So you see, the system does work. Otherwise, you would have never discovered our little online business, right?

The fact is that there are thousands of people just like me who are also succeeding online.

Watch this video that was created by another successful SBI'er. Elad's story is much like my own in that he used his 'passion, hobby or special interest' and created a profitable home based business in his spare time.

No, SBI is not get-rich-quick, and it's not about making easy money - building an online business takes time and hard work. But, when you are spending your spare time on a subject you love, the work doesn't feel like work, and before you know it you have created a second source of revenue for your household.

In case you are wondering if SBI can work for you - the answer is 'Yes, absolutely'.

For anyone interested in learning more, check out my free SBI tele-seminar.

My Personal Wish For You

As you can probably tell by now, I truly enjoy what I do. I am blessed to have a wonderful family, a career that I love, as well as a home-based online business that allows me to nurture my passion for leadership and self-help.

My personal wish for you is that you too are able to successfully seek out and identify what it is that you are truly passionate about in life.. and Profit from it by sharing your passion with others.

I wish you success in building your life in a way that makes it possible for you to pursue your passion daily, and that you are able to share your unique gifts with others along the way.

Whether you are a student, a corporate executive, a stay-at-home mom or dad, retiree, or other – your opportunities are right in front of you. It’s never too late for you to begin experiencing the rewards of pursuing your greatest ambition.

Rest assured, a successful life does not require a lot of money. A truly successful life can only be measured by the quality of our relationships and the level of our contributions - to our families, friends and communities.

The fact remains, however, that money does provide us with more options - and as a result, more personal freedom. So I do encourage you to establish clear financial goals in order to make your life what it's meant to be - a masterpiece!

I wish you all the best in your leadership journey. Just let me know if I can help you along the way.

Warm Regards,

Richard Gorham

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