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Site building tools are becoming more and more popular. Just consider how many working families now require two incomes. For all of the enthusiastic and entrepreneurial folks; hard-working stay at hom Mom's and Dad's, students, retirees and aspiring online business owners, this is a perfect fit.

However, BEWARE, the internet offerings are so completely infested with qet-rich-quick (GRQ) schemes and scams, you really can't afford to invest your hard earned dollars with just anyone. Understand, no one offers the online sale training material that SBI does.

In order to avoid the GRQ schemes, you need to find an organization that can demonstrate iron-clad PROOF of quality results.

(In the above Proof results, look for my website under the "Misc.

Business" category... although my site ranking varies from time to time, odds are you'll see that it's near the top of the list.

For additional proof of my website traffic results, check out my current Alexa ranking.

Using SBI and their online sale training library of resources, this site remains in the Top 1% of all sites currently on the Internet. Not bad , considering that's out of over 70 million sites.

If you are interested in creating your own profitable home based business using an online sale training tool that is proven and guaranteed to achieve quality results, then I think you'll be pleased with what I'm about to share with you.

The fact is that is a “for-profit” online business. I run the entire business out of my home-based office, in my spare hours.

I utilize SBI, an all-in-one tool, which has taught me how to create the website. (This is an important point, because I literally knew nothing about how to create a profitable website before being introduced to SBI.) I continue to utilize SBI to help me grow and manage my entire set of online businesses.

I know, you are still wondering how I can make money when I’m giving away so much for free, right? The answer is that with the guidance of SBI and their online sale training, I’ve learned how to earn money through the proper placement of Google Ads, Affiliate Programs and Joint Ventures. In addition, I've learned how to create and sell my own goods and services.

So you see, while I give away the vast majority of what you see on the website, I receive great rewards through various partnerships and affiliations. It’s truly a Win/Win scenario for everyone involved, especially my readers.

Any business professor will tell you that the key to a successful traditional “brick and mortar” business is “location, location, location”. Does the same concept apply online?

YES, but with a twist, you see the key to having a successful online business is “traffic, traffic, traffic”. Traffic, is what SBI helps me with as you can see from historic website traffic stats below. Traffic Stats

I build web pages packed full of high-quality content that leverages highly profitable keywords. (SBI shows me how to do all of this via the online sale training materials) Then, I simply wait for the search engines to come calling – the search engines review my site, then they index and rank my pages.

You probably discovered my site by typing something like “leadership tools” or some other leadership-related keywords into one of the more popular search engines (For example: Yahoo, Google, or Bing). So you see, the system works! Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this, right?

In case you are wondering, SBI can work for you also. Leadership is my passion, what’s yours?

Whether you enjoy gardening, golf or goat-tying, there is a profitable website idea somewhere inside you.

My online success didn’t happen overnight, it’s taken many late nights and weekends, hard work, and an element of “stick-to-it-tive-ness” – but with the SBI web building tool supporting me throughout the entire process, I was able to achieve my dream of owning and operating a profitable home-based business.

And so can you! So...

Let's Take the 3-Step Tour

#1 Take the Tour

Click on the link below to view a quick tour of SBI.

SBI Quick Tour

Alright, you're back. Now you know how SBI takes you step-by-step through the entire process of creating a quality website that will attract targeted traffic.

Just for the record, if you have absolutely no interest in creating a profitable online business that allows you to pursue your passion while earning additional income, feel free to move on to other sections of our site. Keep in mind, however, than many people establish high traffic websites for non-profit purposes as well.

Whatever your interest may be, a home busines, a charity or a personal hobby site, SBI is our #1 top pick for a web creation tool that provides high-value online sale training.

#2 See The Proof

If you are like me, you want to see some real-life examples of ordinary people being successful in their online business.

The following link provides clear evidence of the outstanding results that your new or existing business can realize by using SBI.

Proof Postive Results

Isn't it great to read about so many people who are experiencing such great results?

Okay, one last stop.

#3 Is SBI For You?

Before you decide, be sure to check out some real websites that use SBI.

Take the time to review at least 5-10 sites with a wide variety of topics. The purpose of doing this is to show you just how versitile SBI is. It's all about finding out what YOUR passion is and using SBI to turn that unique passion into a profitable home-based business.

(Hint: The potential tax advantages of having a home-based business is well worth the effort it takes to create a website - just ask your CPA!)

100's of Real Examples

By now you clearly realize that I have a tremendous amount of respect for my friends at Sitesell, Inc. Their high level of commitment to service and quality places them in a class all their own.

Whether you currently own a business and wish to expand your presence online, or you aspire to create your own online business - you now have at your fingertips a highly effective tool with online sale training that will quickly get you on the path to realizing your goals and achieving your dreams.

SBI is everything you've just read about, and more. And, it's guaranteed... so you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain from working on a new business startup that allows you to pursue your passion.

What Are You Waiting For? Get started today.

Not currently doing business on the net? All I can say is - OPPORTUNITY IS KNOCKING.

Hello! - Is anyone home? ;-)


Getting Started With Online Sale Training Tools

If you are reading this, odds are the above information spoke to you at some level.

If you are truly motivated to work through the online sale training and web building process - to learn, grow, and create a terrific new revenue stream for you and your family, I encourage you to get your questions answered. If I can help, let me know.

I'd be happy to exchange a couple emails to assist you in answering your questions.

I can also put you in touch with a couple of my more computer-savvy SBI peers/(techno-geeks) who are much more "technically inclined" than I am. These folks can better walk you step-by-step through the process and explain how simple it is to create your own online business.

Got a question, or just want to learn more? Drop me a note using my Comments Form at Richard, I Have A Question!

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