Action Plan For Leadership and Personal Goal Setting

SECTION 3.3: Never-Ending Goals

Create an action plan for leadership as part of our Goal Setting For Success tool for aspiring leaders.

"Learn how to embrace a never-ending goal planning process.”

People too often think of a goal in terms of something that has a specific start, middle and end; they want to feel secure in the knowledge that at some point in the future, they will eventually experience an end result.

"Man is a goal seeking animal. His life only has meaning if he is reaching out and striving for his goals."

In this section we encourage you to understand that many of your most important goals in life will be ongoing, without any definite end. These ongoing goals are very important to your overall action plan for leadership and personal goal setting.

Think about the following life goals and you'll realize that some goals just aren't meant to have an end to them.

Examples of ongoing goals:

  • To be grateful to God
  • To be generous, loving and romantic
  • To be honest, trustworthy and loyal
  • To be self-disciplined and focused
  • To be understanding and flexible
  • To be healthy and fit
  • To be playful and spontaneous
  • To be intelligent, fair and constructive
  • To be strong, decisive and daring
  • To be passionate and persuasive
  • To be observant and aware of my surroundings
  • To spend quality time with my family and friends

By keeping these ongoing goals in front of us, we can ensure that we take actions that are most in line with these important personal goals.

One action plan for leadership activity that will aid you in becoming the person you wish to be is by keeping track of the times when you exhibit these behaviors. For example, if you spend an afternoon with your son or daughter doing a special activity, take credit for it! Write it down in your journal or goal planner.

As you collect these special moments on paper, you will feel good about making the effort and accomplishing the sort of things you wish to achieve in your life.

Success Lesson #7: Always Expect The Best

"Goals determine what you are going to be."
- Julius Erving

There is a great power in the habit of expectancy, of believing that we shall realize our goals and ambitions; that dreams are destined to become reality.

There is nothing quite so helpful to a man or woman as the carrying of an optimistic, expectant attitude - the attitude which always looks for and expects the very best.

How many take it for granted that there are plenty of good things in this world for others; comforts, luxuries, fine houses, good clothes, opportunities for travel and leisure - but not for them?

"You owe it to yourself and everyone around you to always exhibit the highest and the happiest outlook on life."

Sadly, these people settle down into the conviction that the finer things do not belong to them, but are for those in a higher class.

But why are they in a different class? Simply because they think of themselves as belonging to a lower class; that they are inferior in some way; because they adopt personal limits and boundaries.

When building your action plan for leadership, understand that you are the only one who can place limits on your ability to be successful.

Never forget that you will become the man or woman you are, based on the quality of your thoughts.

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