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Creating action plan goals effectively can be a challenge. Now you can do so easily with our Goal Setting For Success tool for aspiring leaders. In the following information, you'll learn how to monitor and track your goals daily.

"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted,
the trouble is I don't know which half." - Unknown

You probably have a vague idea of whether or not you are making progress in the important areas of your life - but do you know for sure? How do you measure your success? How do you track your progress?

"Creating action plan goals that end is success requires tracking."

Perhaps you have one of those uneasy feelings that things aren't exactly going in the direction you would like. These gut instincts are in fact your inner voice screaming that you should begin to track results more closely.

For example, one cannot balance a personal checkbook by feel, or run their life by gut alone. Whether your enterprise is large or small, tracking your progress daily will result in tremendous benefits.

Three Benefits of Creating Action Plan Goals and Tracking Results:

  1. Increase Results - Whatever you focus on and track daily will expand. Tracking provides the tool necessary for growing your results. When creating action plan goals, make certain the results can be clearly measured.
  2. Save Time - Tracking requires you to assemble your reporting tools prior to the activity beginning. Having a system in place from the start will save you considerable time throughout the tracking period. Invest the time necessary up front to create a solid process and then reap the rewards in terms of time savings throughout the campaign.
  3. Save Money - Tracking provides a daily means for identifying trends and measuring results. If something isn't working, tracking will allow you to spot this more quickly so that you can respond accordingly. Be sure you are only spending money on activities that are beneficial and that prove to be most effective.

Regular tracking and reporting are necessary for realizing optimal results. Track your progress in each of your life categories to ensure that you realize the quality results you seek.

Success Lesson #26: System Multiplies Ability

"This is the day of thinkers, of planners, of trackers."
- Marden

In many of the smaller businesses that have never been able to rise above mediocrity, you will find high-priced employees opening mail, sorting letters, sending out circulars, doing all sorts of work that could just as well be done by lower salaried staff.

Too few businessmen and women make a proper study of the economy of time and energy of their employees. The great majority of employers do not know how to project themselves into others and to multiply the powers of those around them by using a system.

"Whether in your business or in your personal life, if you do not adopt a system for success, you will suffer enormous waste."

Men and women who lack a successful system are continually crying out for more resources, more money and more staff. The more resources they invest in, the less likely that their profits will be substantial enough to carry their business or the household forward.

Misdirected, system-less work will make any endeavor ineffective.

Careful planning and a simple, effective system, will assist someone with a moderate ability to accomplish extraordinary results.

The person with the more effective system or method is blessed with the most time. Her business and her life tend to go "according to plan" the more she invests time in creating action plan goals. Her success does not depend on always being present or standing at the helm every moment of the day.

The successful person learns to duplicate herself through others who can be depended on to carry out her program.

It is the deep, systematic thinker with a plan and with the executive ability to carry it out that succeeds.

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"There are 309 million people out there that are trying to improve their lot in life. And we've got a system that allows them to do it."

- Warren Buffett

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