Life Balance Wheel Self Analysis Tool


Life Balance: - chances are you are already aware of the fact that your life is not completely balanced. Some part of you understands that change needs to take place in certain areas of your life, but you don't know where to start.

"Take time to self-assess, then make time to self-improve.”

You simply need a tool to assist you in pinpointing the problem areas so you can begin to fine-tune your life experience.

This unique Life Balance tool has been designed to do just that. The various sections of the wheel represent the most important areas (life categories), which are most commonly present in a well-rounded life.

By taking just a few thoughtful moments to rate your level of satisfaction with each life category, you can quickly recognize those particular areas that need some focused attention.

Life Balance Wheel - Self-Analysis Tool

In life, our ability to get clear on what direction we are moving, is critical to achieving our life's ambition.

Concentrating our energy on what really matters most instead of continually allowing ourselves to be detoured by outside events, is an important life skill.

"To learn, grow and improve yourself, you must be willing to accept that there are things today you are not doing well."

This life management skill can be developed with focus and attention. The goal is to be more succesful in directing our full attention on our specific "intention", or purpose.

Before beginning the self assessment exercise, consider for a moment how you want your life to be one year from now.

Use the different categories from the Life Balance tool and describe how you want each area of your life to look and feel at that future date.

Throughout the process, understand that change is a process, it is not a single event. In other words, completing this exercise is truly just the beginning.

The Life balance tool will assist you in recognizing the problem areas, but you still need to take the steps necessary to squarely address each issue in order to improve and ultimately resolve that issue.

Completely the life assessment process on a regular basis will most certainly go a long way toward improving the quality of your life experience. Life skill coaching from someone you trust is also a great idea to ensure your future success.

It's a very simple process to complete, so let's get started.

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"Leadership is learning by doing, adapting to actual situations. Leaders are constantly learning from their errors and failures."

- Claude Meyer

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