More Than Just Goal Setting: Goal Planning Guide


The message here is about more than just goal setting for aspiring leaders. In the following information, you'll learn how to better perceive and interpret how your time is spent.

"Consider your goals to be dreams with specific timelines.”

Time, what is time? Most people see time as nothing more than a short hand and a long hand on the face of a clock. They give it no more thought, since it's obviously something they can't change.

Or can they? Change it, that is.

"Begin preparing now for the day when opportunity arrives, otherwise, the ship you've been waiting for will surely pass you by."

What we can change is how we see time. Have you ever heard the phrase, "Time flies when you're having fun?" or "It's about time he showed up!"

Okay, now read each phrase above again and ask yourself which emotion it invokes in you. When you talk about time going by quickly because you are having a good time, it makes you feel good. However, when you hear that someone's late and causing you to wait for them, it invokes feelings of anger or resentment.

In either case, time didn't change, it still moved forward at the same rate, one second at a time. However, based on the emotion we attached to Time, our body language, facial expressions and even our heart rate changed to correlate with the emotion.

When you look at time in this sense, you realize that you can choose how you perceive time in your life. As a result, you can also better determine how you choose to spend your own time. This idea is about more than just goal setting, it's about living a quality life.

By using a quality goal setting program you can ensure that you spend maximum time doing the things that make you happy and that invoke positive feelings versus feelings of regret or dread.

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Success Lesson #4: The Power of "Right Now"

"My philosophy of life is that if we make up our mind what we are going to make of our lives, then work hard toward that goal, we never lose - somehow we win out."
- Ronald Reagan

If we could only make our highest moments permanent, what amazing things we could achieve in life, and what magnificent beings we could become.

Unfortunately, we too often allow our persistence to cool and as a result our visions for the future fade until eventually they are gone forever.

"Beware, putting off your dream and goals quickly become a destructive habit, keeping you from living the life your deserve."

Men and women who postpone their visions, who delay the execution of their ideas, who bottle up their thoughts, to be used at a more convenient time, always lose out in the game of life.

The forceful, vigorous, effective men and women are those who execute their ideas while they are full of enthusiasm and inspiration.

The ideas that come to you today are not meant for you to get to tomorrow - they are meant for you to act upon now. Never fear, ideas for tomorrow will come - tomorrow.

This lesson is about more than just goal setting. The habit of procrastination will kill off the strongest initiative. Too much caution paired with a lack of confidence are fatal enemies of a grand idea.

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"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination."

- Jimmy Dean

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