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The Enthusiastic Employee
How Companies Profit by Giving Workers What They Want

Learn how to motivate employee teams. Decide now to create and support a team of enthusiastic employees, who want to work hard to experience outstanding results!

"Success comes quicker to the one with unlimited enthusiasm.”

Motivate Employee

If you’re looking for proven ways of increasing the performance of your organization while at the same time building employee loyalty and production, you’ve come to the right place.

The Enthusiastic Employee provides a great resource to leaders seeking to infuse enthusiasm into their workplace.

Few would argue that the most enthusiastic employees tend to outperform their less motivated peers.

"Leaders must realize that any idea, no matter have simple or small, that creates a highler level of enthusiasm in the workplace is invaluable to the success of the team."

Yet it takes strong and thoughtful leadership to provide the spark to motivate employee team members, to rally in times of stress or when teams are focused on a difficult challenge.

When learning to motivate employee teams, you must recognize that there is one major thing that tends to dampen the spirits of the enthusiastic employee – that one thing, unfortunately, is MANAGEMENT.

When it comes to motivating employees, there are 33 beliefs of most managers that have little or no basis in reality. These “myths” cover several areas and when applied to the typical employee or work group, do little to motivate employee teams or promote increased productivity. These myths often contradict each other.

Leaders looking to motivate employee teams must beware of blindly buying into any of these common myths.

The Enthusiastic EmployeeThe Enthusiastic Employee provides supporting research debunking these ideas.

Seven Of the 33 Myths include:

  1. Employees only care about pay and benefits
  2. No matter how high, people will never be satisfied with what they earn
  3. Public recognition is an effective substitute for money
  4. Profit sharing is a major motivator of employee performance
  5. To survive in a competitive marketplace, companies must keep wages as low as possible
  6. Employees won't produce if they sense a large disparity in pay between them and their supervisor
  7. People who are secure in their jobs will become complacent

”Human capital will go where it is wanted,
and it will stay where it is well treated.
It cannot be driven;
it can only be attracted.”

- Walter Wriston, Former Chairman, Citicorp/Citibank

Contrary to the above myths, The Enthusiastic Employee identifies opportunity for a true sense of achievement from six primary sources. Master the use of these six sources in order to motivate employee teams effectively:

  1. Challenge of the work itself. - The extent that an employee can use and develop their intelligence, skills and/or abilities.
  2. Acquiring of new skills. - An enthusiastic employee is one who is growing and expanding his or her library of knowledge and resources.
  3. Ability to perform. - You can more easily motivate employee teams when they are receiving the training, direction, resources, authority, information and cooperation needed to perform well.
  4. Perceived importance of the employee’s job. - An enthusiastic employee feels strongly that his efforts are important and provides value to the organization, to the customer, and to society.
  5. Recognition received for performance. - The enthusiastic employee needs and appreciates both monetary (compensation) and non-monetary (simple “thank you” from boss or customer).
  6. Working for a company of which the employee can be proud. - It’s easy to motivate employee teams when employees have pride in the organization’s purpose, products, business success, ethics and the quality of its leadership.

"Enthusiasm provides the motivation for continued effort, and without it nothing great is ever achieved."

We recommend The Enthusiastic Employee to all our readers. In the back of the book there is a useful tool that a leader can leverage to motivate employee teams. It's called "The Readiness Questionnaire".

The Readiness Questionnaire is a short survey that can assist a management team to come to terms with its own views and policies on the subject of employee morale and motivation.

Read The Enthusiastic Employee and learn to motivate employee teams more effectively and enjoy the self-fulfillment you’ll receive when supporting people that are happier in their roles.

Author Bio:

David Sirota is founder and leader of Sirota Consulting. His work has been featured in Fortune and The New York Times.

Louis A. Mischkind has researched organizational effectiveness for 30 years. Prior to joining Sirota Consulting, he was Program Director of Executive Development at IBM.

Michael Irwin Meltzer joined Sirota Consulting full-time in 2001, after serving as its attorney for 20 years.

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"Enthusiasm is not the same as just being excited. One gets excited about going on a roller coaster. One becomes enthusiastic about creating and building a roller coaster."

- Bo Bennett

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