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Stay tuned for our free sample performance appraisal - you'll be able to use this valuable tool over and over again, with great results.

"Employee reviews occur once per year - great leaders make them count!”

The performance appraisal is a critically important task for every employer. Maintaining solid communication and a healthy relationship with employees is essential for every leader and the organization as a whole.

"Nothing discussed during an annual performance review should ever come as a surprise to the employee - unless you are informing them about a promotion!"

Performance appraisals help to clarify standards, expectations and responsibilities - plus, they enable management to identify training needs and if necessary establish an employee action plan. Most importantly, performance appraisals help foster positive relationships between management and front-line staff.

The performance appraisal process provides a great opportunity to ensure employee morale and for management to positively influence attitude and behavior.

Because performance appraisals are such a significant part of the management process, and not to be taken lightly, we have created this six-part series to lead you through the entire process.

By using this guide, as well as our free performance appraisal tool, you will be better prepared for your next round of annual performance reviews.

Part One: Objectives & Purpose

Free Performance Appraisal Tool

Our objectives of this six-part series, include using our sample performance evaluation tool to accomplish the following:

  • Identify the purpose and benefits of the performance appraisal process
  • Provide knowledge and tools for conducting a positive and effective performance appraisal
  • Help to be objective, supportive and fair to every employee
  • Establish "next-step" performance goals and a performance action plan
  • Provide a "best in class" sample performance appraisal form

Certainly, with minimal research online or at your local library, you can find a variety of free performance appraisal forms that you can utilize for the purpose of conducting annual employee reviews.

However, our free sample performance appraisal form was created with the following key points in mind:

  • Effectively recognize employee achievements and contributions
  • Motivate employees to develop and improve performance
  • Promote a positive working enivironment
  • Gain valuable insights into the work being done
  • Develop goals for the next review period
  • Provide a written record of performance for a complete employee and company file

Let's keep going. The following links take you through the next steps to highly productive annual performance evaluations:

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» Six Steps To Performance Appraisals - Part 4 of 6

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"The employee performance review is whene you get together with your team leader and agree what an outstanding member of the team you are, how much your contribution has been valued, what massive potential you have... and in recognition of all this, agree to doing more for less."

- Theodore Roosevelt

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