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10 Steps to Leadership Development

Scour the Internet for free leadership training and you will quickly find slick enticements to "take the next step" toward becoming a great leader.

What isn't stated outright is that each step of the leadership program will cost you a small fortune to purchase.

free leadership training

See what's Included in this free leadership training series?

The purpose of our 10 Steps to Leadership Development guide is to provide free online leadership training for anyone interested in learning how to become a more effective leader - both at home and in the workplace.

Being a successful leader is not about winning petty office politics. Rather, it's about improving yourself while increasing your overall value to your team and the organization.

Aspiring leaders understand that promotions are awarded to those individuals who are smart and self disciplined enough to set themselves apart from the pack; to rise to a level above their peers - and they never stop learning.

Leadership development is not achieved by completing a single course or event. Leadership must be an ongoing study that takes advantage of a wide variety of leadership tools and resources, which all serve to improve your life experience - both personally and professionally.

There is no end to leadership development - only new levels of achievement!

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."

- John F. Kennedy

In our 10 Steps to Leadership Development series, you'll learn some powerful lessons and discover access to some amazing leadership tools and resources.

For example, success in the leadership area depends on your clear understanding of what is within your control and what is outside of your control.

Great leaders do not focus on what they can't control. Examples of circumstances beyond your control (also known as debilitating time-wasters) include, but are not limited to: the weather, economic factors, heavy traffic, life's little curve balls, what others do or think, etc. All of these circumstances can easily get in the way of your focus and energy - if you allow them to.

Great leaders focus on what they CAN control. They understand that every individual has complete control over their attitude, behavior, thoughts and emotions. Great leaders do not react, they thoughtfully respond. Winning at leadership means you are RESPONSE-able, not REACTION-prone.

When you react, you may feel emotions of guilt, embarrassment, regret, sadness, nausea, stress, anger, fear; a general feeling of being out of control. When you thoughtfully respond, you will feel more relaxed, more confident, happier, more grateful, and a general feeling of having the situation under control.

“The more seriously you take your growth, the more seriously your people will take you.”

- John C. Maxwell

Free Leadership Training:
10 Steps to Leadership Development

In 10 Steps to Leadership Development you'll be introduced to a variety of helpful tools and resources, many of which are available at no cost on this website.

Here is a list of all ten steps included in this free leadership training series:

» Step 1 - Find and Fuel Your Ambition 
Find the spark that fuels your ambition to succeed. Once you find that one thing you love to do and you know your purpose, you will be unstoppable.

» Step 2 -  How To Define Leadership 
Discover and compare leadership definitions from great leaders throughout history. No one definition is better than the other. The real question is what is your definition of being a great leader.  Once you can define it, you are in a better position to attain it.

» Step 3 - The Power of Relationships and Contributions 
Lead a successful life through healthy relationships and by making quality contributions. Success is not about money, although money is important. Having money without feeling a sense of community is not living a successful life. 

» Step 4 - Take Inventory of Leadership Effectiveness 
Discover the many benefits of our free leadership training, including a 360 degree leadership feedback tool. Learn what your subordinates really think of you. Are you confident that they respect you as an effective leader even when you have to make tough decisions? If not, then it's time to take inventory. 

» Step 5 - Seek Leadership Insights 
DISC, Meyers-Briggs and Personalysis are three personality tests that companies commonly use for leadership development. However, they usually come with a price tag. We have a better idea! 

» Step 6 - Reacting vs. Responding
Great leaders are thoughtful leaders. Learn how a thoughtful response is always a better strategy than a quick or emotional reaction.

» Step 7 - Make The Most of Spare Minutes 
Get your 'dashboard diploma'. Listening to books on tape when driving or working out is a powerful leadership strategy. Over time you'll begin to adopt critical lessons into your daily activities and you'll soon see your performance rise to higher standards. 

» Step 8 - Stand On The Shoulders of Giants 
Using the right leadership quotations and stories to support and drive home a key message helps employees to connect to your vision and makes clearer to them what you expect each member of the team to accomplish.

» Step 9 - Building Your Library of Leadership Resources 
Maintaining an educational leadership journal is a practice that pays you back multi-fold what you put into it. Learn to capture great leadership lessons, stories, tools and resources. 

» Step 10 -  Life Management for Success 
Successfully manage the growth of your business at the same time you're accomplishing your personal goals and dreams. Discover effective time management tools to lead and maintain a higher quality work/life balance.

If you utilize the various tools and resources described throughout this free leadership training series, you'll be on your way to becoming a respected and credible leader.

Leadership tools are critical to your self-improvement and contribute significantly to your overall personal and professional development.

It's important to remember that part of winning at leadership is knowing when and how to use the proper tools. For instance, have you ever:

  • Used a flat-head screwdriver when you really needed a phillips screwdriver?
  • Used a counter-top edge to open a bottle instead of a bottle opener?
  • Used something heavy that was within reach to drive home a nail when you really should have used a hammer?

The point is that while you may be able to complete a task with a make-shift tool, the overall quality and efficiency of your work diminishes without using the proper tool.

During this free leadership training series you will assess your current leadership status. You will realize the benefits of investing in yourself and you will uncover effective leadership tools that will support your ongoing self improvement and leadership development.

The 10 Steps to Leadership Development series will be your personal coach as you work toward becoming a better leader and start leading a more successful life.

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